Lights, Camera, Glow Sticks: Student Spirit Shines at Blacklight Pep Rally

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  • Band students wear glow sticks around their heads while performing. Members of marching band, Warrior Pride, and the SunDancers wore glow sticks in solidarity with the blacklight theme.

  • Warrior Cheer performs their routine in the darkened fieldhouse gym. Lights in the gym were turned off during Warrior Pride and Cheer’s performances.

  • Students shine their phone flashlights in the bleachers. With the accompaniment of glow sticks and flashlights, students committed to the theme of the blacklight pep rally ahead of the final football game of the year.

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Glow sticks and phone flashlights illuminated the darkened fieldhouse gym as the Warrior Band rumbled, and spirited students filled the bleachers for the blacklight pep rally on Thursday, Nov. 4.

Before Covid-19, the blacklight pep rally had been an annual occurrence, but there hasn’t been one for the past three years due to the pandemic.

As crowds cheered in anticipation of this long-awaited event, the pep rally commenced with the recognition of recent athletic accomplishments, including the boys’ cross country team’s state qualification, the first in Westwood’s history, and the tennis team’s recent State Championship win.

“We were [able to announce] our state win to the rest of the school, and we [celebrated] it with [them],” Varsity Tennis Captain Aadhi Raja ’23 said.

Decked out in glow sticks and white outfits, Warrior Pride, the SunDancers, and Warrior Cheer took the floor with a variety of performances. Warrior Pride performed an Icy-themed medley, the SunDancers showcased an energetic hip-hop number, and the Cheer Team performed an enthusiastic routine.

“It’s [Warrior Pride’s] favorite pep rally of the year,” Warrior Pride Leader Thessa Greebe ’23 said. “It had been an annual tradition [for us to perform], so it just felt meant to be.”

Marking the conclusion of both football season and pep rallies for the school year, the blacklight pep rally strengthened the community of student organizations, fostering a lively environment for students to enjoy themselves.