Varsity Girls Basketball Overcomes Georgetown in Thrilling Showdown

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  • Facing off against her competitor, Emily Collins ‘24 defends the net during the second half of the game. The Warriors were assertive and quick in their defense.

  • Leaping past the competition, Victoria Brown ‘23, jumps toward the net to shoot into the basket. Brown scored and helped the Warriors catch up to the Eagles, running the game into overtime.

  • As the referee walks by, freshman and JV basketball girls yell their disagreements and chant “Ste-vie Won-der.” Both sides of the stands, Westwood and Georgetown, also shouted their support to the players.

  • Embracing her teammate, Olivia Yang ‘23 celebrates with the Warriors after narrowly winning the match against Georgetown. The Warriors caught up to the Eagles’ score in the last minute of the game, and overcame them in overtime.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 16, the Warriors competed against the Georgetown Eagles in an intense face-off.

The game started with the Eagles winning the tip-off and scoring a quick layup. The Warriors got control of the ball and drove it to the basket, however, the Eagles stole and shot another two points.

After a slow start, Olivia Yang ‘23 helped the Warriors earn two points.

The Warriors had good defense, keeping the Eagles from scoring easy layups or close shots. However, the Warriors struggled to steal the ball, allowing the Eagles to take shots far from the net.

On the offense, the Warriors were good at getting past the Eagles. In an impressive maneuver, Simryn Jacob ‘23 drove past the defense and scored a basket.

The first quarter consisted of the teams at a stalemate, with each offense rarely making it past the lane line. 

By the second quarter, the tone of the game shifted. All players became more aggressive, grabbing and clutching the ball, knocking each other during rebounds, and even running into teammates while defending the ball.

While the Warriors remained assertive, they refrained from getting into the Eagles’ faces. The Eagles took the lead with several far shots. The first half ended with the Eagles leading 20-10. 

Half-time was a nice break from the chaos. Cheerleaders threw Westwood t-shirts and freshman and JV players shot on the court. Eventually, the period ended, and both teams returned.

Both teams seem to be renewed with energy and more decisive in their moves. The coaches called numerous time-outs to evaluate the game plan and correct players.

The Warriors started to push closer to the net, getting shots from under the basket. Their offense and defense tightened up, and the Warriors began to steal the ball and isolate more opponents. 

Regardless of strategy, the Eagles had a clear advantage. With their height, they were able to take shots over the Warriors. The Warriors are famous for driving the ball down the court and scoring, but this wasn’t accessible because the Eagles fell into defense quickly. Despite these obstacles, the Warriors caught up, the third quarter ending with the Warriors 7 points behind.

Families and students from both schools were riled up. Chants started, and the gym filled with “D-Up” and “Go Westwood, Go Westwood, Go.” The freshman and JV basketball girls led the school spirit with dancing and shouts. The intensity affected everyone, as referees kept making calls that were responded to with disagreements and yells of “Ste-vie Won-der.”

The Warriors strived to catch up with the Eagles in the fourth quarter, quickly closing the gap in points. Finally, with ten seconds on the clock, the Warriors reached the Eagles in a tie.

Overtime began with the Warriors scoring seven points in quick succession, Yang with two layups, and Victoria Brown ‘23 with a three-pointer. The Eagles quickly grabbed the ball to close the score, only two points behind.

The last minute of the game consisted of repeated time-outs, cheerleaders waving their poms, and screaming from the stands. 

With the ball kept on offense for the last moments, the clock ran out with the Warriors winning 40-38.

“I think it’s been a great team win, I think we grew a lot this game and we all fought really hard to make a comeback and come out on top,” Yang said. “I think it’s just one of those games where you’re locked in, you’re taking it one possession at a time, and you’re doing your best to help your team.”

The Warriors will have their next match on Monday, Nov. 21, against Hutto at 11:30 A.M. at Hutto High School.