Varsity Girls’ Basketball Pummels Dripping Springs in First Game

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  • Reaching past her opponent, Victoria Brown ’23 shoots a layup. Brown was notorious for driving the ball down the court and scoring.

  • As she pushes past the defense, Emily Collins ’24 sets her sights on the net.The Warriors were strong in both offense and defense, leading to the Tigers’ defeat.

  • Taking advantage of the lax defense, Isabella D’Alessandro ’25 shoots a three-pointer. Only the Warriors scored three-pointers, the Tigers depended on layups and free throws.

  • In the last quarter of the game, Coach Payton gestures to the scoreboard to emphasize her advice. The Tigers and the Warriors called separate time-outs in the 30 seconds of the game.

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On Friday, Nov. 4, the Warriors began their pre-season with a game against the Dripping Springs Tigers.

The stands were in high spirits for the match, a game that would set the tone for the rest of this basketball season. After a technical issue with the recording device for the pre-game announcements, parents and faculty joined together to sing the national anthem. The applause ended, and the game began.

The referee set the tip-off, and the Warriors knocked the ball, but the Tigers stole the play. Dripping Springs seemed evenly matched, but the Warriors’ strong defense and offense were no match. Both teams were well-versed in their plays and enacted them with efficiency.

The first points of the pre-season were scored with two successful free throws by Alison Heinricy ‘23. The Tigers fought back with a two-pointer, however, the Warriors fought back, and two consecutive three-pointers ended the first quarter.

Particularly displaying the Warriors’ defense was Isabella D’Alessandro ‘25, a player who remained focused on the ball at all times. The conjoined effort of grabbing rebounds and the stable offense kept the ball on the Warriors’ offense.

The seemingly calm competition took a desperate turn, with passes dropped and slapped away, ending in scrambles for the ball. The players started tripping and running into each other.

The Warriors overcame this obstacle and continued to steal the ball into fast drives for layups.

Westwood remained in the lead throughout the game but doubled down in the last quarter. Victoria Brown ‘23 was the forefront of the baskets, scoring multiple layups in succession. The team scored consistent shots throughout.

The last moments of the game were composed with fouls and timeouts, but the drag-on finally ceased. Coming to a close, the Warriors won against Dripping Springs 46-31.

“We’ve been practicing [at a] much [faster] pace,” Kylie Wardlow ‘23 said. “Because we’ve been practicing, our game has been getting slower. It’s good because we play better, it’s slowed down in our brain even if it’s not slowed down in real life.”

The Warriors will play their next game on Tuesday, Nov. 8, against Killeen at 6:30 P.M. at Killeen.