IB Seniors Face Off Against Teachers at Dodgeball Tournament

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  • Students and teachers begin the first game and eagerly run to collect as many balls as possible for their respective teams. The students won, but both teams were determined to play two more games.

  • After winning the first game against the teachers, IB students walk off congratulating each other. Allen Garcia ’23 holds a ball as they’re soon to start the next game.

  • IB Chemistry teacher Robert Cochran valiantly aims his students in a fun competition. Teachers put up a stronger game than anticipated by students.

  • As teachers and students face off, and most teachers have been eliminated, Mr. Scheiber hit the ground in defense of his team. He tried to re-defend, but the students came up winning.

  • For the second student vs. teacher games, players mixed up their teams slightly. Mr. Dixon and Dr. Plocher joined the student team to continue the competition.

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International Baccalaureate (IB) students and faculty faced off in a dodgeball tournament on Friday, Dec. 2. The game held high stakes: if IB seniors won the tournament, their Extended Essay(EE) deadline would be pushed back. The EE, which was originally due on the morning of Dec 5., is a 4000-word research paper that IB seniors have been working on for months. IB student organizers decided to incentivize the games to provide fun competition for seniors.

“It was super fun, except for [the faculty] getting beat by a lot,” IB Coordinator Ms. Christin Key said. “The students wanted to do it; they did it at [the Grateful Gathering] and they thought it would be really fun to have a game against the teachers, especially with the EE deadline at stake.”

First, four teams of students played against each other to determine the first place student team, who then played against the faculty team. The audience cheered as students and teachers faced off, with the students successfully winning. Despite winning, and the EE deadline therefore being pushed back, both teams wanted to continue, going on to compete for the best out of three rounds. In each successive game, students continued their win streak, heightening the excitement of their win.

“I thought it was really fun, because we definitely needed to push back the EE deadline,” IB senior Allen Garcia ‘23 said. “I [had] just failed my math test so I needed to take some anger out on the staff, [which] was a big contributing factor. [We] beat the teachers!”

While the postponed deadline for the EE is yet to be announced, it has been determined for a date after the break. IBSO will host another event, the IB Ball, on Dec. 15.