JV Orange Boys’ Soccer Starts Season off With 0-0 Tie Against Rouse Raiders

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  • Jackson Connor ’24 dribbles the ball away from a defender. He was able to gain some space and pass the ball down the line.

  • Jackson Connor ’24 dribbles the ball with a defender on his back. He quickly got into open space and passed the ball.

  • Cayson Ou ’24 attempts to get the ball past Rouse’s defenders.

  • Liam Clark ’25 settles the ball with two defenders on him. He passed the ball to a teammate shortly after.

  • Nate Hall ’24 dribbles the ball with a defender coming his way. He was able to pass the ball up the field.

  • Daniel Goolsbey ’24 fights with an opponent for possession of the ball.

  • Nate Hall ’24 dribbles the ball and looks for an open pass. He made the pass shortly after.

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On Friday, Dec. 10, JV Orange boys’ soccer tied 0-0 against the Rouse Raiders. This was the first scrimmage of the year and the team’s first game under the coaching of new assistant coach Chris Rapp.

After a Rouse kickoff, both teams maintained an even possession of the ball, though neither team was able to score, with both the Raiders and the Warriors failing to get any shots on target.

Throughout the game, the Warriors dominated on the Raiders’ side, attempting to string several passes down the sidelines and taking opportunities to cross the ball across the field. Liam Clark ‘25 used several tricks to maneuver past Rouse’s defense and took hard-hitting shots outside the goal box. Although his shots went over the crossbar, he was able to stir up tension in the Raiders’ defense. 

During the second half, the team pressed up on the defense and continued to take shots from outside the goal box. Jackson Connor ’24 helped the Warriors create more space with long passes from the goal box to midfield. Westwood continued to keep the ball on Rouse’s defense for the majority of the game, with goalkeepers Anvith Maddipoti ‘24 and Mauricio Solano ‘24 only touching the ball from passes from the defense. Towards the end of the game, the Raiders got a breakaway and neared the goal line. However, Daniel Goolsbey ‘24 stole the ball and dribbled towards the side of the field, cementing the draw. 

The team will next face off against the Del Valle Conquistadores on Tuesday, Dec. 13.