Spring Pep Rally Strengthens School Spirit


Chinese Yo-yo Club performed a variety of tricks at the Pep Rally.

Prakrit Sinha, Reporter

On Friday, Jan. 27, the first pep rally of the Spring semester took place in the fieldhouse gym. This pep rally allowed students an opportunity to revitalize their spirit after returning for the new semester.

The pep rally also allowed students the ability to celebrate the recent triumphs of spring sports, such as swim, track, and soccer. The recognition of these accomplishments was followed by a performance by Chinese Yo-yo Club.

“Other than performing some of the coolest tricks my friends and I know, watching all the other performances was really enjoyable,” Chinese Yo-yo Club Keaton Lee ‘23 said.

To maintain spirit throughout the pep rally, Warrior Cheer, the SunDancers, and band performed. In addition, a teacher-student quiz game with Mr. Bill Blaine kept students invigorated.

“It was a [great] experience where I was able to be part of the Westwood spirit,” Jonathan Mosher ‘23 said. ”Being able to spend time with my friends was something I won’t forget.”