JV Orange Mens Soccer Claims Win Against Stony Point Tigers 4-0


Ashna Karthik

Defender Jackson Connor ’24 dribbles the ball into the middle of the field to get closer to the goal.

With 24 seconds on the clock, the JV orange men’s soccer team scored their last goal of the night and claimed a 4-0 victory against the Stony Point Tigers on Friday, March 3, setting the tone for the near end of the district season.

Straight away, the Warriors obtained the ball, making bold strides to get close to the goal, but after a few close attempts, they switched their focus to defense. Promising attempts were made by players constantly through the night, but for this game, the defense from the Warriors was what ultimately led to their success.

Darting past, Josh Torres ‘25 defended a shot from a player posted up in front of him who was fouled, giving the team a chance to free-kick against the Tigers. This play allowed teammate Aiden Shen ‘26 to cross the ball at the corner to Kevin Saldana ‘24, all in the very last minutes of the game.

“Aiden [crossed it] in, and then we all thought that was the end, because we don’t see Kevin on the other side, because he’s guarded by this huge dude. And then [he] comes out of nowhere and heads it,” Shen said. “And then some dude gets a red. It was pretty exciting.”

The Warriors held out their lead throughout this game, and their coordination gave them a new level of clear communication with each other to execute their strategies.

“I was able to communicate with the team more to like understand where we stand and organize our positions more which was important because it was the last minute,” Enzo Estrada ‘24 said. “We just got to communicate with each other and actually all be in the same headset and like all have the same motive to win.”

The bond the team held allowed them to grow together during the season on and off the field.

“[When] we play like a team, we play stronger,” Jesus Ruiz ‘24 said.

The JV orange men’s soccer team concluded their season last Friday, March 10, against the Vandegrift Vipers.