Varsity Girls Soccer Demolishes McNeil Mavericks 4-0

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  • Mia Wiele ’26 readies herself to settle the ball from the air and kick it to her teammate down the field. Throughout the game, Wiele took numerous free kicks and scored two goals.

  • Freshman Kaleia Coughlin turns to look down the field for an open pass. During the game, the Warriors played the ball up and down the field often to create space for the players.

  • Kate Cooper ’24 runs down the line to keep the ball in play. The players kept up a strong offensive front and the game ended in a 4-0 win for the Warriors.

  • Bracing herself for impact, Abigail Burgett ’23 tries to dribble down the line and beat the Maverick midfielder. In the first half of the game, Burgett shot the ball into the box to assist Wiele’s goal.

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On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the varsity girls soccer team faced off against the McNeil Mavericks and won the game with a smashing 4-0. That night, sponsors watched the game free of charge, and each student who attended the game received a ticket that was entered for a movie raffle. During halftime, a couple of names were pulled, and the winners got free movie tickets from Southwest Theatres. 

From the moment the whistle blew, the Warriors had very strong ball possession and didn’t let the Mavericks get many chances at the goal. Within the first six minutes, a defender crossed the ball in from the outside and co-captain Sasha Brown ‘23 shot the first goal of the evening. Energized from the early lead in the game, ten minutes later, Abigail Burgett ‘23 dribbled down the line and played the ball into the box as midfielder Mia Wiele ‘26 received the ball and scored the second goal. 

“I feel like we played good as a team, moved the ball really well, and we scored a lot of goals,” Wiele said. “I did pretty good on capitalizing on my chances and I was able to score two goals, but I feel like I could have scored more and finished on more free kicks.”

The Mavericks struggled to get the ball past the midfield as the Warriors dominated the game and kept up their precise and fast-paced passing. About 21 minutes into the second half, Padt Skwratananond ‘23 faked out a McNeil defender and passed it to Wiele, who was open and scored another goal. On a corner kick with 16 minutes left in the game, defender Donna Ghassemi ‘24 ran into the box and scored after a brief scuffle with the other team.

The Warriors will play their last home game of the season on Tuesday, March 7, at 7:30 p.m. against Manor High School.