Varsity Girls Soccer Reigns in 10-0 Win Against Manor Mustangs

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  • Freshman Kaleia Coughlin sprints back to keep the ball in play. With seven minutes left in the first half, Coughlin received a pass from a teammate and scored the ball far from the goal as the goalie was quickly moving out of the box.

  • Listening to the goalie behind her, Kate Wyrick ’25 looks up the field to shoot the ball to her teammates. After only eight minutes in the first half, Wyrick scored a goal on a penalty kick.

  • Dribbling the ball past the defenders, Tayte Webster ’23 looks up to find an open pass. Throughout the game, the Warriors had a remarkable ball possession.

  • Defender Donna Ghassemi ’24 kicks the ball mid air to a teammate nearby. Even though the other team wasn’t very aggressive, the Warriors still fought to keep possession, especially during tackles.

  • Feeling energized, Kylie Denton ’25 sprints to keep the ball in bounds and play it up to one of the other forwards. During the game, Denton offered many assists to other players for goals that evening.

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Goals came fast and furious for the Warriors in a 10-0 win against the Manor Mustangs on Tuesday, March 7. Since this was the last home game, this win marked the upcoming end of the regular season for the players.

The JV girls soccer team won 9-0 against Manor just minutes before the varsity game, which sent the players onto the field with high hopes for the evening. 

After only seven minutes from kickoff, forward Tayte Webster ‘23 scored the first goal, setting a precedent for many other goals to follow. Usually, the team takes a while to get warmed up on the field and start scoring, but only a minute after the first goal, Kate Wyrick ‘25 scored another goal on a penalty kick.

As the ball flew into the goal, shot after shot, the girls’ strategy noticeably became more complicated as the players were confident enough to try new tricks and techniques after not much opposition or pushback from the Mustangs.

“[Coach Malcolm Framjee] told us to score in certain ways that would be challenging and we were able to do that to get 10 [goals],” Nadia Giannetti ‘26 said. “I think we held possession well and were able to make passes that we aren’t able to make in a regular district game, so we used that to our advantage to get the lead.  I’m really sad that the season’s ending and I’m definitely going to miss a lot of the seniors – it was a really cool way to end the season at home.”

At the end of the first half, the Warriors contributed seven goals to the scoreboard and weren’t letting the other team near their goal at any chance. Team spirit was especially high at this match – every time a girl scored a goal, parents rang cowbells from the bleachers and teammates cheered on the players from the sidelines.

As the final few seconds ticked off and the buzzer sounded, the girls danced off the field, incredibly proud of their achievement of winning the game 10-0. The Warriors played their last district game of the season on Friday, March 10, resulting in a 0-0 draw against the Vandegrift Vipers.