Varsity Girls’ Soccer Finishes Season at State Playoffs

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  • Keeping her foot on the ball to defend, Mia Wiele ’26 focuses on her play. Wiele tried hard to keep the ball in bounds so that the standoff would not result in a corner kick for the other team.

  • Mia Wiele ’26 kicks the ball down the field. As a defender, she ran up and down the field a lot to challenge the other team’s offensive moves.

  • Braid swinging as she dribbles, Kate Cooper ’24 focuses on keeping control of the ball. In the later half of the game, Cooper got injured and had to go out of the game.

  • Before the game begins, head coach Malcolm Framjee speaks to the girls about the game plan. To assist with coaching, head boys soccer coach Chris Hellums also traveled down to Georgetown to offer coaching advice from the sidelines.

  • Looking up the field for an open pass, Abigail Burgett ’23 continues to dribble. Even though the other team put pressure on her, she did not give up the ball until she passed it to a teammate down the field.

  • Right from kickoff, student section cheers on the players loudly and with excitement. The theme for the game was for the Westwood students to wear white while the San Marcos team wore black.

  • Kicking the ball into the air, Sasha Brown ’23 hopes to give her teammate a chance to score. After her kick went airborne, Tayte Webster ’23 received the ball and took a shot at the goal.

  • Ella Toupin ’23 receives a pass in the air from another defender. She looked up the field and passed it quickly to avoid the other team advancing towards the goal.

  • Putting pressure on the other player, Mia Wiele ’26 gets as close as she can to the ball. Many times in the game, Wiele tried to force the other players out on the line so that the Warriors would get the next throw in.

  • Sasha Brown ’23 shields the ball with her body to keep possession. Throughout the game, Brown went into many tackles to get control of the ball.

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The varsity girls’ soccer team competed against the Marcos Marauders for the first round of the state playoffs on Friday, April 14. The Warriors were seeded fourth, and the Marauders were seeded first. This was the first time the team had advanced to the state playoffs in 24 years.

As the Warriors were warming up, the audience members filled up the stands wearing all white to contrast the Marauders’ “black-out” theme. The game started with high intensity from both teams and the crowd. The Marauders continued to push up the field and faced the Warriors’ strong back line, who cleared the ball to the sidelines. Halfway into the first half, the Marauders were able to sneak behind the Warriors’ back line and shoot the ball to the bottom right corner of the goal. The half ended with a score of 1-0.

During the second half, the Marauders’ offensive line remained heavily on the Warriors’ defensive side. To combat the heavy offense, the Warriors switched to a 4-3-3 formation. However, the Marauders were able to score three more times, ending the game 4-0.

This was the Warriors’ last game. The team will continue to practice during post and pre-season to prepare for their first game in December.