What Your Favorite Type of Energy Drink Says About You?

Energy drinks. The mysterious concoctions of unreadable ingredients that can provide you with just the kick you need to get through the day. Whether you dabble, have dedicated your life to them or have sworn yourself off of them, there will always be one brand that has a special place in your heart. And whatever that brand may be, can say a lot about you.

Monster Energy
A classic, when you think of energy drinks, this is likely one of the ones that comes to mind. All that being said, you’re loyal, loud and high-energy. You’ve found that you like and you’ve stuck with it. You might try something new every once in a while, like all the flavors that Monster Energy has produced, but you stay within your comfort zone. With your louder nature, you’re often out-spoken and always bouncing around. Maybe it’s the 2 Monsters you had for breakfast or maybe that’s just who you are.

Red Bull
Another classic but with slightly more sophistication than Monster Energy. It’s likely that you’ve been in the energy drink scene for a while and have tried a lot of different drinks but this is the one you come back to. If you’re drinking Red Bull, you’re just needing that extra boost without any fancy flavors or colorful cans. You’re hardworking and determined but still find time to live it up in between your busy work-life balance. You’re a straight-forward kind of person, you don’t need all the ribbons and bows to enjoy life or enjoy your Red Bull.

5 Hour Energy
It’s a stretch to call this an energy drink and if this is your favorite, I don’t need to say anything more.

Peace Tea
Chill vibes in an energy drink was unheard of until Peace Tea hit the shelves. While some wouldn’t consider this an energy drink, there are substantial amounts of caffeine that pull this beverage into that category. You have a colorful personality with a down-to-earth attitude that is shown through your many hobbies. Perhaps you need that slight energy boost to finish up an art project or maybe you just enjoy the more natural taste of the tea. Whatever it may be, this drink definitely fits you.

Bang Energy
Still a new beverage in the energy drink scene and if this is your favorite, you spend too much time on your phone. You love keeping up with trends and you’re always up for trying something new. Adventure is your middle name whether you know it or not, always throwing caution to the wind. But you can’t embark on your adventures alone, and uncaffeinated. Surrounded by many friends, you are the life of the party. Even if that can be overwhelming, you have a Bang to keep you going.

Alani Nu

Fruity and full of flare, if Alani Nu is your go-to, you’re bubbly but not over the top. You’re lively, energetic and often the leader which has led you to enjoy the things in life that remind you of your childhood. From PB and Js to Goldfish and juice boxes, you love the sweet and simple! You live life to the fullest, especially with a little caffeine boost.

Coined as a fitness drink, Celsius focuses its drink on boosting physical performance while doing it with natural ingredients. So if this is your favorite, it’s not a stretch to say that you love fitness. A regimented, perfectly-planned out schedule is your dream and you hope to achieve big goals through this routine. You’re a perfectionist and have set your mind to perfecting yourself. You’re intuitive and listen to your body, always trying to learn something new about yourself.

Rockstar Energy
A classic but not really a popular one, Rockstar Energy hasn’t rocked the energy drink scene in quite a while. If this is your favorite drink, you like things simple. You enjoy life day-to-day, not worried about every little detail, you focus more on the bigger picture. While this might seem ‘boring’ on the surface, your simpler view on things provides you with the opportunity to have a more active life. A steady rhythm compared to the roller coasters that some people embark on. This doesn’t mean that the steady rhythm doesn’t need caffeine though, enter Rockstar Energy.