Class of 2023 Bonds Before Graduation with Senior Sunset


Prakrit Sinha

Seniors gather on the field beside the Westwood tennis courts to watch the sun set. For many seniors, this was one of the last opportunities to bond with the Class of 2023 before graduation.

On Thursday, May 18, students participated in the annual Senior Sunset event for the Class of 2023. This was one of the last events for the senior class to reunite before Graduation. 

“Senior sunset was fun,” Sandy Trang ‘23 said. “I missed the sun actually setting, but the point is seeing your friends and spending more time with them before everyone leaves.”

Seniors gathered on the field beside the Westwood tennis courts with picnic blankets, food, and games to watch the sunset. As seniors reconnected and said goodbye to other seniors, many felt emotional. 

“I spent a lot of time signing yearbooks and with friends that I hadn’t talked to in a while,” Anisha Aslesh ‘23 said. “It was all very bittersweet as I also opened my letter from [the] first semester and saw that just in a few months, so much had changed.”

The letters were written at Senior Sunrise in September 2022 and were redistributed to their respective seniors at Senior Sunset. They contained messages to their future selves, meant to be read before graduating.

“I think I’ll always treasure both sunset and sunrise because it gave me a chance to see my friends without the worry of anything else in the moment,” Zubin Chhabra ‘23 said.