Committed: Class of 2023 Signs Annual Banner

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  • Smiling with anticipation. Sarah Taparauskuas ’23 signs the college banner on May 1. She plans to attend University of Georgia in the fall.

  • Writing his name next to the A&M logo, Ashmit Thakur ’23 signs the senior banner. Many seniors wore their school’s merchandise on signing day to announce their commitments.

  • Colin Johnson ’23 signs his name on the college banner by committing to Trinity University in San Antonio. Although this signing day event was for all seniors, there was a special signing day for future collegiate athletes back in February.

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Seniors gathered in the atrium on Monday, May 1 to sign the 2023 college banner. For years, graduating students have participated in this tradition of signing their names beside the university they are committing to.

“I think [signing day] is a fun tradition,” Sarah Taparauskuas ‘23 said. “It’s nice to be able to look at the past [signs] and see where everyone goes [to college].”

Among the most popular choices for college were University of Texas at Austin and A&M. However, seniors are not only limiting their decisions to US schools: some are studying abroad in countries like Canada, Ireland, and Spain.

“I decided to study abroad because it will be a smaller community and starting off college will be easier for me to make friends,” Casper Smith ‘23 said. “I think it will be a cool way to explore my own independence as well.”

For many seniors, signing day represents nearing the end of their high school career and embarking on a new path to college.

“It’s so exciting because my name is [on the banner],” Kiera Berkaw ‘23 said. “It’s cool because it’s like all of my hard work paid off.”