RESET: 5 Summer Activities To Do Instead of Being On Your Phone

Mayla Montgomery, Reporter

With summer break officially in full swing, it can be hard to find ways to pass the seemingly endless hours of summer. With the sweltering Texas sun at its hottest and brightest, going outside tends to lose its appeal. However, staying inside makes it all too easy to fall victim to addicting social media algorithms that waste your precious summer days. So instead, here are five fun, simple activities anyone can do to make the most of a fleeting summer break!

1. Bake something

One of my absolute favorite things to do in my spare time is bake. This is something that’s great to do year-round, but I find I never have the time or energy during the school year. During the summer, there’s plenty of time to try new recipes, step outside of your comfort zone, and create something delicious. You not only get to hone your culinary creativity, but you also come away from the time spent in the kitchen with something delicious for you and whomever you choose to share with. Plus, there are a ton of delicious fruits (and vegetables if you’re into more savory dishes) that are in season over the summer.

2. Pick up a good book
If you’re interested in getting swept up in a superb story but want to stray away from the screens, reading is a fantastic alternative. It keeps your mind sharp, and allows you to travel to a whole other world without leaving your bedroom! With a library card obtaining books becomes easy and free, and your local library is sure to have a myriad of different genres to choose from.

3. Get in touch with your creative side
This can mean different things to different people, but I’d personally define it as any kind of creative outlet that’s fulfilling to you. Whether that may be journaling, painting, knitting— anything that scratches a creative itch in your brain is a fantastic way to spend your newfound freetime. And if you’re lucky, you may just find a new passion that will stick with you throughout the year!

4. Pick up a new hobby
In a similar vein to the last idea, summer is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. There are a ton of local camps that give you the opportunity to try new skills such as pottery, theater, sports, music, and so much more. But if you don’t have time for camps, or they’re too expensive, then you can learn so much from the comfort of your own home! From searching the web to learning more about magic tricks and crocheting to reading tarot cards and sewing, the internet has so much to offer and provides access to experts sharing their knowledge about their unique or niche hobby.

5. Spend time with more people
Perhaps the simplest activity on this list, but also the most fulfilling is to focus on the people around you. Connecting with people we love is such a valuable part of our lives, and is one of the best ways to spend your time. During the school year it’s so easy to get caught up in a hectic flurry of extracurriculars, homework, and tests that can soak up all the time in your schedule. So take advantage of your shared time! Go on a picnic, go swimming, shop around the Domain, get ice cream at Amy’s, or just meet up at someone’s home. Whatever you do, chances are it’ll be more fun because you’re doing it together and creating happy memories that you will remember even after the sweet haze of summer is gone.