Top 6 Places to Visit in Austin During the Summer

While summer vacation is something many look forward to during the school year, when it finally arrives, it’s likely that you may find yourself exhausted with the sheer amount of free time you have. Often the best way to bring yourself out of a bored slump is to discover the environment around you, and in a city like Austin, there’s no shortage of fun things to explore. Whether it’s taking a fun little excursion with your family, or simply chilling with your friends on a warm summer evening, a plethora of fun pastimes to explore lie just outside your door in the city we all call home. 

  1. Texas heat, as many know, can often be overwhelming and rather mucky as it can create a bustling hub for all things mosquito and other blood-sucking insects. However, if looked at in a brighter light (which shouldn’t be too hard in the intense Texan sun), this heat may come as a blessing- and a perfect opportunity to beat the heat with a cool treat. Lick Honest Ice Creams is the perfect place to try a scoop of the freshly made artisan ice cream of Austin. The ice cream menu includes seasonal additions with flavors such as lemonade pound cake and strawberry margarita which are all served in uniquely crafted house-made waffle cones. Celebrating the colors and culture of Texas, Lick Honest Ice Creams is the perfect mini excursion to tour with friends on a hot summer day!
  2. If you’re into history mixed with a hint of entertainment, The Paramount Theatre is one of the highlights of Austin’s film and television scene. It’s known to be a live movie and theatre venue which is located in the heart of the city. The theater has hosted a wide variety of arts ranging from vaudeville and musicals to legitimate theatre and movies. The Paramount Theatre is a must-see for those interested in classical architecture or simply those who look to escape the scorching heat outside and escape into the AC filled world of film and theatrics. If you’re looking for summer vibes, the Paramount’s Summer Classic Film Series is a spectacular way to spend your day. 
  3. Although Aug. 26  is later in the summer, it marks one of the largest events in the city of Austin, featuring the small agile mammals the city is most known for. At Bat Fest, more than a million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge into the evening sunset. Bat Fest has become one of the largest bat-viewing parties of the year, with many lively and amusing activities to explore while waiting for the bats to arrive. Visitors will experience a sample of famous live music, a spectrum of local food and drink, tons of arts and crafts vendors, multiple fun games for children, and a bat costume contest! Visit with family and friends to experience the best of what Austin has to offer.
  4. Austin, a city known best for its vibrant, colorful, and diverse music and arts scene, is home to one of the largest university art museums in the nation. The Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, housed at the University of Texas at Austin is the city’s premier art museum, with a rather impressive and powerful collection of genre-spanning works of art. The Blanton is home to over 19,000 pieces of art which includes Renaissance paintings, modern Native American art, and one of the most prized Latin American art collections in the country. Visiting this museum is a cool indoor activity and can be  an inspiring and imaginative experience. It is not only the perfect place for art lovers, but anyone looking for a leisure activity to pass their summer day.
  5. A  dip in the city’s treasured Barton Springs Pool is a classic spot to visit on a hot summer day,  and the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends or family outdoors while still remaining cool! One of Austin’s most featured spring-fed swimming holes, Barton Springs Pool is known to maintain a yearly temperature of a refreshing 68 degrees. Enjoy a poolside picnic before jumping into the water or bring outdoor games to play with friends. 
  6. Cowboy boots. This icon commonly associated with the state of Texas is sold right here, in the heart of Austin. A famous stop in South Congress’ popular shopping district, Allens Boots is a vintage Austin store which has been selling premium leather footwear to tourists and locals alike for multiple decades now. Visit Allens Boots to experience the true Texan life. This is a great way to spend your afternoon trying on all the shoes you desire until you find your perfect pair. Try hitting up the rest of the popular locations lining Austin’s flagship street once you’re done shoe shopping to finish up your day!