Candy Corn: Incredible or Inedible

Candy Corn has been a staple of fall candies for many years. But while some love Candy Corn for their nostalgia and taste, others hate it for its texture and sugar content.
Candy Corn has been a staple of fall candies for many years. But while some love Candy Corn for their nostalgia and taste, others hate it for it’s texture and sugar content.
Hadley Norris
Candy Corn is Incredible

The leaves have just turned brown and the air is brisk, the streets of neighborhoods around the country begin to fill with skeletons and pumpkins, and the feel of a crisp autumn breeze fills your senses. Fall has arrived and with it the privileges of spooky season and most importantly…candy. The importance of candy to the fall is on the same level as the importance of snow on Christmas, and there is one candy that is hated for absolutely no reason, Candy Corn. 

Some tack my love for Candy Corn up to the childhood nostalgia that I feel for the simpler times. They think hat because I associate the candy with cold fall mornings and for the days of grandma’s Candy Corn goodie bags, that I don’t actually like the candy. It goes beyond that. Why can’t I just say I like Candy Corn because it tastes good–because it does indeed taste good–why can’t that be enough to justify my love for the treat? It isn’t a problem because it goes beyond taste, and there are several reasons that make the Candy Corn special,

 If taste really can’t be just the magnificent taste then there is an argument to be made that Candy Corn is one of the staples of Halloween candy and of fall as a whole. Its white, yellow, and orange colors embody the feeling of fall, and I am taken away to the leaf piles and pumpkin patches when I see its stripes. Other candy can be eaten all year round, but Candy Corn is strictly a fall candy. It matches the aesthetic of fall and is only one of the reasons why it’s so good.

Candy Corn isn’t even that bad for you in comparison to some of the other Halloween candies out there with an 11-ounce bag having just 22 grams of sugar per serving, in about 17 pieces of Candy Corn, which is still a lot of sugar, but it isn’t as bad as if you ate an entire 2.17-ounce bag of Skittles with 47 grams or a 2.07-ounce bag of Starburst with 45 grams of sugar per bag, two of the most popular Halloween candy choices. If you are going to consume that much sugar it should at least be the melty goodness of the best fall treat around. 

Candy Corn is a staple in this country, according to a survey by the National Confectioners Association 58% of Gen X, ages 41 to 56, and 57% of Gen Z, ages 11 to 26, reported they like the candy meaning the majority of the younger generations still believe in the candy and its popularity is still alive and well. 

If taste really isn’t enough to convince you then there are your reasons to love Candy Corn, and its hatred needs to stop. Candy Corn is one of the most criminally underrated candies of our time and this fall, and many falls to come, I’m going to be eating a lot of it, and you should too.

Candy Corn is Inedible

Candy Corn: the rightful face of fall candies or bottom of the candy jar trash? The true answer is the latter, from the high sugar count to the poor texture, awful taste, and unpackageable nature; there is no way it should be the Gerber baby of candy.

On first look, a candy packed full of sugars and high in calories sounds like a wonderful Halloween treat. Until you realize half of a serving of Candy Corn, about nine pieces, has 11 grams of sugar and 55 calories. Furthermore, just 17 pieces of Candy Corn have more calories than an entire bag of York candies (2.75 ounces) or 2 bags of Wherther’s Soft Caramels (11 ounces). 

Candy Corn isn’t just bad for your body, but it’s even worse for your teeth, as Candy Corn is a chewy candy that melts slowly and spreads over the mouth as you chew. This sugar naturally works its way into the crevasses of the mouth, in between the teeth, and under the gums. If teeth go unbrushed, the sugar will stay in the teeth, causing cavities and even gingivitis. 

Next is the price. At $14.90 a pound, Candy Corn is one of the more expensive candies you can order on Amazon with a pound of other candies like Skittles or Reese’s pieces going for $10 each pound; with candies like gummy bears going as low as $6.69 a pound. This high price causes the natural rating of candy corn to drop significantly in the eyes of the public.

Another reason Candy Corn is not to be trusted is due to a huge recall in September 2022 of all 15-ounce bags in the Connecticut-Massachusetts. The recall was due to contamination with uncleaned egg product in the candy, which could cause a slew of medical emergencies, including an allergic reaction to the egg causing anaphylactic shock, hives, and swelling of the body.

However this isn’t just my opinion, it is backed by the American public. According to a survey taken by Consumer Reports, 32% of Americans believe that Candy Corn is by far the worst candy, beating licorice candy, Good & Plenty, by 12%. However it’s not just Consumer Reports that has found this, many other top associations report that candy corn is in the bottom two picks of candies, only rarely bested by circus peanuts.

In all, Candy Corn isn’t a candy worth eating, much less buying. From dental health to common sense, Candy Corn is the worst candy anyone could get. 

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