Varsity Girls’ Basketball Defeats Cedar Ridge Raiders 55-50

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  • Jumping, power forward Kooper Giles ’20 shoots the ball. Giles scored a two-pointer during the third quarter which brought the score to 29-25, Raiders’ lead.

  • With defensive players on both sides, power forward Desi Davalos ’22 runs down the court with the ball. Despite the two-pointer from Davalos, the Warriors were still behind.

  • With a defensive player trying to steal the ball, center Ginna Grant ’21 attempts to shoot the ball. Grant scored in the last few seconds of the third quarter which brought the score to 38-37, Warriors’ lead.

  • With a defensive player right behind, guard Anisha Chintala ’21 runs down the court. Chintala attempted to make a two-pointer, but it was incomplete.

  • With defensive players close, power forward Desi Davalos ’22 runs the ball down the court. Davalos would go on to score a two-pointer which helped the Warriors pull ahead of the Raiders.

  • Guard Annalise Galliguez ’20 dribbles the ball around the Raiders’ defense. Galliguez would go on to score a three-pointer in the last few seconds of the first quarter which brought the score to 16-9, Raiders’ lead.

  • Dribbling down the court, power forward Desi Davalos ’22 scans for teammates to make a pass to. Despite efforts from the team, the Lady Warriors were unable to pull ahead of the Raiders during the first half.

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The varsity girls’ basketball faced off against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Tuesday, Dec. 3 and emerged victorious in an intense nail-biter game on Faculty Night. The Lady Warriors bounced back from a troubling first half and managed to pull ahead of the Raiders in a 55-50 win.

The first half started off with the Raiders taking the lead after two two-pointers and a free throw. Despite the Raiders’ early lead, the Lady Warriors were determined to catch up and guard Annalise Galliguez ‘20 scored the first basket, a two pointer. The Raiders countered with several shots of their own, but the Lady Warriors came back with a two-pointer from center Ginna Grant ‘21, followed by another by power forward Kooper Giles ‘20. Despite a three-pointer in the last few seconds of the quarter by Galliguez, the Warriors were down 16-9 at the end of the first quarter. The Lady Warriors started off the second quarter strong with a two-pointer from power forward Desi Davalos ‘22 and two free throws from guard Anisha Chintala ‘21, but the Warriors still could not pull ahead of the Raiders despite a two-pointer from Chintala and two free throws from Davalos. A two-pointer from Davalos closed the first half of the game with the Raiders’ lead 26-20.

“I think we really brought ourselves back after half-time,” Davalos said. “Our talk in the locker room about having teamwork and working together as a team really brought us back because we started picking up the intensity and our defense.”

A three-pointer from Davalos kicked off the third quarter as the Lady Warriors were determined to turn the game around. The Raiders scored a three-pointer, but the Warriors caught up with two-pointers from Giles and Chintala. A three-pointer from Galliguez let the Warriors take the lead for the first time in the game, but the Raiders came back with a three-pointer. A two-pointer from Davalos brought the score to a tie. Chintala kept the score tied after a two-pointer of her own after another from the Raiders, and the third quarter ended in the Warriors’ favor 38-37 after two two-pointers made by Davalos and Grant. Galliguez made a three-pointer to start off the final quarter, followed by several free throws by Galliguez and Davalos. Guard Peyton Halley ‘21 helped to secure a rhythm for the Warriors while making several two-pointers which left the Raiders behind. They attempted to make a comeback with a two-pointer, but were shut down by two free throws from Galliguez and a two-pointer from Davalos. With little time remaining, the Raiders desperately tried to catch up with a two-pointer, but the Warriors won with the final score of 55-50.

The Lady Warriors will take on the Hendrickson Hawks on Tuesday, Dec. 10.