Varsity Football Wins First District Home Game 35-34

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  • SunDancers line up before the Warriors run out of the teepee.

  • Warriors run out of the teepee before the game.

  • Warriors stand with their hand over their hearts for the National Anthem.

  • SunDancers cheer as the Warriors run out of the teepee.

  • Coach Sam Forr talks with defense while offense is on the field.

  • Prince Ugwu ’17 watches defense play before he goes back in.

  • Aiden Asal Catches a pass in the air from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • Colin Iguchi ’17 runs the ball for a first down.

  • Prince Ugwu ’17 runs the ball through Hendrickson defense.

  • SunDancers dance with their fathers for their annual ‘Bob & Susie’ dance.

  • Adnan Jaber ’17 runs out with the team after halftime.

  • Te’shon McGinnis ’17 runs the ball to get a first down.

  • Teammates celebrate after a touchdown.

  • Reid Carrier ’18 catches the ball for a touchdown.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 runs with the ball after he received a complete pass from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • The football team and coaches congraduate Chris Martinez ’18 after he catches the last interception of the game.

  • Kody Klements ’17 congratulates Chris Martinez ’18 on his interception.

  • The football team joins hands while they sing the Alma Mater.

  • Veronica Vasquez ’18 yells after she sings the Alma Mater.

  • Coach Anthony Wood talks with the football team after the game.

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Winning by only one point, the Warriors defeated the Hendrickson Hawks (1-4) in their first district game 35-34, putting the team 4-1 in their season. The players went into the game feeling no pressure from the Hawks, determined to win another game. Hendrickson proved to be a successful offensive team, but this did not deter the boys in the slightest. Their motto for the night was ‘this our game’.

Within the first three minutes, quarterback Will Jennings ‘18 threw a 49-yard pass to wide receiver Aiden Asal ‘17, scoring the first touchdown of the night. Defense held down Hendrickson’s offense, not letting them past the 50 yard line, leading to a punt return for the Warriors. In their third play, Asal scored another touchdown. Now with four minutes left in the quarter, wide receiver Trevor Smith ‘17 completed a 20-yard touchdown run, putting the score at 21-0. Hendrickson answered with a touchdown of their own, ending the quarter at 21-7.

In the beginning of the second quarter, linebacker Chris Martinez ‘18 tackled Hendrickson’s running back, but it was called back. This led to a tight match at Hendrickson’s one yard line, but they were able to score three minutes into the quarter. After several offensive plays by the Warriors, Jennings came off the field barely being able to breathe.

“I started coughing a lot, I felt light headed, and my breathing became very short,” Jennings said. “I thought I was letting my team down by not being able to play.”

Even with the sudden change and altered atmosphere, defense proved sturdy. Linebacker Beau Brown ‘17 got the first and only sack of the game. Wide receiver Colin Iguchi ‘17 then came on the field as quarterback and threw a 30-yard pass to wide receiver Reid Carrier ‘18 in the end zone, making the score 28-14.

At the start of the second half, linebacker Jaikem Murphy ‘18 made the first several tackles on defense, pushing back the line of scrimmage. Hendrickson however scored within the first two minutes then again at 8:43, the score 28-28. Running back Prince Ugwu ‘17 pushed through the Hawk’s defensive line and made several first downs. The third quarter ended at 28-28.

“I believe our players played with poise and confidence. They were focused on one thing: their job,” Head Coach Anthony Wood said. “They knew if they did that they could win the game.”

In the fourth quarter, Hendrickson scored but missed their extra point, making them only six points in the lead at 28-34. Then, Jennings came back into the game. He threw an 11-yard pass to wide receiver Dylan Frazier ‘18, inching their way up to the goal line. The Warriors were fourth and 13, but a penalty call of holding on Hendrickson made for an automatic first down. They moved up to the 20-yard line with 2:30 left in the game. They made it fourth and one but Ugwu jumped over the defense, getting a first down. They were at fourth down again, but now only five yards away from a touchdown.

After another penalty by Hendrickson, the Warriors moved to first and goal. Running back Te’shon McGinnis ‘17 ran the ball and scored the touchdown that put the teams at a tie. Kicker Kaeden Roberts ‘18, scored their PAT, crucial to the boy’s win. Now it was 35-34 with 1:30 left on the clock. Hendrickson’s offense came onto the field, trying quickly to score before time ran out, but Martinez intercepted the ball. His teammates roared on the sideline and the crowd cheered — he secured the team’s first district win. The final score was 35-34.

“When I caught the ball, it felt like something out of a dream and it took me some time to realize what had just happened. The energy and everyone coming over was just indescribable and amazing,” Martinez said. “We played as a family and we trusted each other.”

The Warriors will play next week on Thursday, Oct. 6. The game begins at 7 p.m. at the Kelly Reeve’s Athletic Complex against one of their biggest rivals: the McNeil Mavericks. They will be McNeil’s homecoming opponent.