OPINION: Threat of Trump Supporter Revolt Ridiculous


Aryan Patel, Reporter

Political tensions during these recent weeks have been at an all time high. In these high stress times of the election, some Donald Trump supporters have warned of a revolt if Hillary Clinton were to be voted into office.

The situation that America has gotten itself into during this election is atrocious. I think what makes these reports even more outrageous is that instead of the Trump supporters claiming that they will protest if Trump is not elected, they said that they will start a revolution. To think that in present day that there are still talks of a revolution just because of a small shift of power is very daunting.

I completely disagree and don’t like this present situation that has been brewing in these recent elections. I don’t agree with the idea that just because a couple of people don’t get exactly that they want, they will revolt. I don’t fully support the policies of Hillary Clinton, but I completely disagree with the supporters of Donald Trump. The last time that a group revolted in the U.S.A was during the Civil War. The only reason that the south revolted was because the northern region was trying to change the whole structure of southern society by taking away slaves. But now, nobody is trying to take anything from anyone. The only thing that Hillary Clinton has stated that she might take away was the right to bear arms, and that is almost not even plausible by the will of one person.

“It’s not what I’m going to do, but I’m scared that the country is going to go into a riot,” Roger Pillath, a retired teacher from Coleman, said. “I’ve never seen the country so divided, just black and white — there’s no compromise whatsoever. The Clinton campaign says together we are stronger, but there’s no together. The country has never been so divided. I’m looking at revolution right now.”

In a way, these reports of this revolution swaying people is not really new in America; especially during the high tension times of the election. It is a not a new concept that a group will secede or try to takeover when they are not given power. Reports of revolution were prevalent in societies in the U.S. as far back as the 1800’s. Just because the Trump supporters want a revolution in the face of the inauguration of Hillary Clinton, does not mean that they will be able to. Even during the presidency of Barack Obama, no republican wanted anything to do with him. They wanted to have a revolution too, but that does not mean that they were able to.

To finish, I think that these reports are definitely scary but I do not think that it should be taken so heavily. There will never be a solution to something like this. There will always be radicals that claim they would start a revolution if they do not get what they want, but these claims ultimately should be just taken with a grain of salt. I think the only thing that could be changed would be the media and the way that they sway their audience. Sometimes because of the media, watchers could be swayed sometimes into the wrong direction which could lead to incidents like this. I feel like if these radical people were never even given attention, then this election would have gone so much smoother.

Ultimately, if these radicals are willing to start a revolution just because of the election of a single president, they should not be given as much attention. The solution to all this would be to give attention to political intellectuals who have more knowledge on what they talking about instead of radical people. In the end, I think whoever is elected president, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, not much of the country’s system will really change. One president is not what changes a whole country, it is the people who live inside the country.

“Pray for the next president, whoever it is,” Vicki Sanger of the Grand Junction said.