Remembering Pearl Harbor


USAF Photo

Trevor Wyatt, Reporter

Pearl Harbor is one of the most mourned events in United States history. It was the day the U.S. was forced into WWll by the Japanese military attacking on U.S. soil. The attack was not unprecedented the U.S. had called for an embargo which blocked the Japanese from receiving certain resources. The U.S. up to this point had remained a neutral force keeping away from the affairs going in the rest the world during the 1940s. This attack brought the U.S. out of its neutral stance starting with bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The attack on Pearl Harbor brought out an irrational fear driven response that contradicted America’s ideas.

“Pearl Harbor is a remembered tragedy but a forgotten shame. The fear based reaction of internment had the nation turn on its own people. Pearl Harbor needs to be remembered, but not only as an attack on our nation, but also as our nation’s attack on the people,” Akash Thakkar ‘17 said.