OUTsider Festival Coming to Austin

OUTsider Festival Coming to Austin

To celebrate LGBTQ+ creativity, Austin will be holding the second annual OUTsider festival Feb. 15-19. The festival is built upon the idea that the queer community is in need of more opportunities to show their true colors and showcase their many talents.

We challenge traditional festival models with our interdisciplinary approach and we celebrate LGBTQ+ outsiders of all stripes through our programming,” OUTsider Artistic Director Curran Nault said. “This year’s theme is “Into the Wilds” and is intended to evoke the otherworldly magic of the wilderness.”

With a festival that spans as many topics as OUTsider, there are countless ways students can get involved with the many concerts, events, and more.

“Students can volunteer, helping to ensure that the festival runs smoothly, while earning themselves entry into showcases and events. We also have a Queer Student Showcase–and all LGBTQ+ students are welcome to submit their work for consideration,” Nault said. “Finally, students can simply attend as audience members. With the exception of our Closing Night party, there are no age restrictions on our showcases.”

For students in the LGBTQ+ community, OUTsider boasts acceptance of all, regardless of sexuality or gender, and activities for anyone looking for an experience like no other.

“OUTsider presents the opportunity to experience a wide variety of creative expressions of sexuality and gender–all of which will provide high school students with ‘food for thought,’” Nault said. “OUTsider is a community as much as a festival. OUTsider offers the chance to speak to artists about their work, to meet other attendees and to feel connected to LGBTQ+ culture in a new way.”

Since the idea of OUTsider was born in the December of 2013, the founders have worked to create a community and festival that will help support the LGBTQ+ community.

“The festival is designed to give audience members exposure to new works and ideas, and to allow them to take a step out of their usual boxes. Take a chance,” Nault said. “Even if you are not a fan of dance, for example, I encourage you to explore our dance offerings. You just might be surprised by what you experience.”

The OUTsider festival is Feb. 15-19. If you are interested in attending or volunteering, or just need more information, you can look at the OUTsider website.