Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is an internationally celebrated holiday that takes place on April 22 every year. While the holiday might seem like something you need to have a green thumb to celebrate, all it really takes is the drive to help make the planet healthier. Here are five simple and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Walk or bike — don’t drive

Minimize your carbon footprint by walking or biking rather than driving to your destination. A short walk or ride will allow you to get active and reduce carbon emissions while also spending some time in nature.

2. Recycle

Use the three R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle — to curb your impact on the environment. First, reduce the amount of unrecyclable materials you use to lessen the amount of trash you produce. Then reuse what items you have. For instance, use cloth shopping bags or reuseable water bottles rather than using the plastic products. This will cut down on the amount of plastic you go through and decrease the amount that is found in landfills and in the environment. Finally, recycle all materials you can, like plastic or paper products and glass. Recycling or buying recycled products can help reduce the amount of trash you produce, creating a healthier environment.

3. Spend some time in nature

Get out and about. Earth Day isn’t just about planting trees, but to also increase awareness of the environment’s situation and educate people on what they can do to help create a healthier planet. Taking the time to get out of the house and go to the park, take a walk, or even simply sitting outside will help you appreciate our planet and everything it does for us.

4. Plant a seed

Planting tree saplings or flower seeds is a great way to help decrease the amount of CO2  in the atmosphere while having fun. Deforestation and pesticides kill many plants each year, and by even just adding one to your own yard, you will help preserve these essential plants and help create a healthier environment.

5. Water your plants

Take the time to water the trees, flower pots, or garden in your yard. Giving your plants some love is an easy way to take care of the environment on a small scale. But remember to conserve water as well, and don’t use too much when watering your plants. Only water one to two days a week, and never water before or after it rains.

Through these steps, you can participate in the global movement to help our planet and make a difference in your own community. After all, Earth Day is more than just one day of the year. Its impact on the environment and its work to educate society about environmental degradation can change the world one step at a time.