Parents Attend Teacher Presentations at Open House

Nuha Momin, Index Manager

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  • Ms. Lucy Sanchez assists a parent with information regarding the Academy Ambassador program.

  • Parents stand in line to buy books for the upcoming school year.

  • Principal Mr. Mario Acosta addresses issues asked by a parent.

  • Principal Mr. Mario Acosta, Assistant Principal Erin Campbell, and Associate Principal Kim Hodge smile as they welcome the parents for this year’s Open House

  • Ms. Melanie Catuogno describes the challenges students will face in the upcoming year.

  • Ms. Tish Saliani, the new head of the AV program, ensures a great year to look forward to.

  • Ms. Charlotte Russell explains her background as a teacher at Westwood.

  • Ms. Susan Stolar reads stories given to her by the students of the class.

  • Mitchell Hobbs ’20 and Ronan Karat ’19 AFROTC students smile after helping guide several parents to their classrooms.

  • Mr. Josh Williams prepares to present to the parents.

  • Parents buy books for their child for the school year.

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Parents met their children’s teachers at Open House, held on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Through this event, parents had the chance to to truly understand what students learn and how their classes are organized.

“I think that it’s important that my parents meet my teachers and find out what is happening in my classes,” Adwita Gadre ’21 said. “This is definitely different from what would happen in middle school.”

First, the parents lined up to pick up their child’s schedule. While in a regular school day students are given a seven minute long passing period, parents were given five minutes instead to get to and from classes.

“My parents would definitely be lost without me,” Don Lam ‘19 said. “It’s faster when I come with them to Open House.”

Many parents got confused because of the complexity of the different hallways and classrooms, but the AFJROTC students were stationed in every corner of the school to help. Some students also accompanied their parents to Open House to make it easier for them to get around.

“I don’t want them to struggle like I did on my first day,” Austin Chung ’19 said. “It can be hard finding classes in a school that is so big.”

Teachers were given 10 minutes to present to the parents.

“It’s a good idea to see the viewpoints of both teachers and students in the classroom,” chemistry teacher Ms. Michele Acker said. “I like meeting the parents because I want them to know that they can contact me whenever they want.”

During and after the slideshows, parents were able to ask the teachers questions to better understand the basic point of the class.

“It is important as parents to see the ins and outs of what our children experience and how we can help improve them,” Ms. Jessica Figueroa, mother of Sofia Figueroa ‘19 said.

Parents took the opportunity to come to Open House to see what their kids see and understand what they do during the school time.