Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally Showcase School Spirit

Nuha Momin, Index Manager

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  • The Class of 2020 passes through the parade.

  • The ROTC Drill Team walks at the front of the parade.

  • Alex Findeisen ’18 prepares to walk alongside band’s color guard.

  • Jacob Ciotti ’18, dressed as George Washington, poses on the float.

  • Brandon Allid ’18 walks down the saber detail.

  • Mikayla Harris ’18 dances alongside the Westwood Pride dance team.

  • ​Claire Pitre ’21 is held up by the cheer squad.

  • The Color Guard presents the flags at the beginning of the pep rally.

  • The cheer team hypes up the pep rally crowd.

  • Ethan Brown ’19 stands with the football team before the pep rally.

  • Claire Pitre ’21 shakes her poms.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 dresses up as Stitch for the parade.

  • The soccer teams pass through the parade.

  • The tennis team laugh and throw candy from their Avengers-themed float.

  • Vivian Lang ’21 throws candy from her float.

  • The volleyball teams dress up as Lilo and Stitch for the parade.

  • The driver waves to the camera during the parade.

  • Homecoming nominees Kate Connors ’18 and Brandon Allid ’18 wave as they pass by.

  • Homecoming nominees Faith Song ’18 and Tim Liu ’18 pass through the parade.

  • Homecoming nominees Adra Kreiling ’18 and Noah Zahm ’18 roll through the parade.

  • Carrie Buckley ’20 sits at the back of a truck.

  • Lily Baizer ’20 spirits to pump up the crowd.

  • Jake Morrow ’18 is escorted by Macy Prenger ’19.

  • Kate Connors ’18 is escorted by Ryan Lindley ’20.

  • Delaney Brown ’18 is escorted by Ben Neely ’20.

  • SunDancer Ashley Zhang ’20 cheers in the parade.

  • McKenna Robertson ’18 throws out candy in the parade.

  • McKenna Stodgill ’20 does drum chants to entertain the crowd.

  • Baseball relaxes on their stars and stripes float.

  • Westwood’s academies wave to the pedestrians watching the parade.

  • Theatre gets spooky on their Homecoming float.

  • The Class of 2021 says aloha from their festive float.

  • The Lady Warrior soccer team kicks it up on their Kardashian-themed float.

  • Westwood Softball enjoys the parade from their superhero float.

  • The SIGA club throws out candy to the parade crowd from their float.

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To kick off the Homecoming spirit, the annual parade was held on Thursday, Oct. 12 after school to showcase all of the organizations. The parade lasted for 45 minutes as all the floats rolled around the neighborhoods.

The floats had been decorated by each organization, to be voted on by judges that sat near the middle of the parade route. The decision for the best float was announced at the pep rally, which took place directly after the parade.

“It was really fun to decorate and work with my classmates on the floats,” Eesha Nayak ‘19 said. ”We all got to bond and share our ideas of how we wanted [the float] to look at the end.”

The students gathered into the football stands as organizations for sports lined up along the edge of the field. To start off the pep rally, choir sang the national anthem while ROTC gave a salute. Afterwards, a performance was given by the cheerleaders, showing a variety of flips, jumps, and kicks in the air. The dance teams, Warrior Pride and SunDancers, followed immediately after to kick off the school spirit.

“Since it was our first performance for the season in front of everyone, it was really scary yet fun,” Navya Neerukonda ‘19 said. “It was a really fun day because I got to dance with my teammates.

After the performances, the Homecoming beaus and sweethearts were announced. Each nominee walked onto the field, alongside their date. Students screamed and clapped for each person as they walked down the field. The pep rally ended with the announcing of the winner for the best float: the varsity volleyball team for their Hawaiian theme.

“The parade and pep rally were really cool because the whole community was involved,” Sara Miranda ‘19 said. “It’s great to see everyone so excited before the Homecoming game and dance, and the pep rally, and parade is a key part in making everything a lot more fun.”