Interact Collects Donations to Support Teen Parents


Nuha Momin

Interact designs boxes for LifeWorks: Teen Parent Drive, an organization which helps teen parents support their child

Nuha Momin, Index Manager

Interact helped create boxes to drop off donations for LifeWorks on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The donation will help LifeWorks support teen parents financially and socially.

The members decorated the boxes to show their support for this association. They designed sheets of paper which covered the whole box, asking for specific donations that can help out these parents.

“It was a lot of fun creating boxes and knowing that they were going to go to a really important society,” Cole Peterson ‘18 said. “Everyone in the club [helped] out with making the boxes because helping others is important.”

The boxes will be placed around the school, accepting all things that can help a child. Baby towels, new washcloths, baby shampoo and body wash, mild soap for laundry, diaper pail (clean), pacifiers, and teething rings are just a few of the things that can help out the LifeWorks association.

“I think that we chose to help out with this program because there are so many people in the world who are having children but then are struggling with taking care of them,” Local Chair Board Leader Yutika Raina ’19 said. “Donating these items will not only help these teen parents but their children as well.”

Boxes are located by the patio, by some of the restrooms, and by the cafeteria. Donations will be gathered until November before they are taken by Interact to be given to LifeWorks.

“Anything can help,” club secretary Sree Maram ’19 said. “Even though it might not be a special to you, it can help out people who are struggling to financially support themselves.”

For more information about how to support the cause, visit this link.