HOSA Announces Area Competition Results


Nuha Momin, Index Manager

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) students competed in online events to determine who would advance to the second round of Area or State on Wednesday, Nov. 29 and Thursday, Nov. 30. Students were able to showcase their knowledge in a 60 minute test, and the results were released 3 days afterwards, which created a lot of excitement for the ones who had advanced.

“Getting the validation that I had learned enough about general healthcare issues simply from checking the news every so often was a great feeling,” Aditi Merchant ‘19 said. “It showed that even with a little hard work, it was possible to achieve success.”

The students advancing to state and the second round of area are listed here:

Advancing​ ​to​ ​state:

  • Behavioral​ ​Health​-Anouka Saha
  • Dental​ ​Terminology​-Rohan Kartha
  • Epidemiology​-Keerthana Prayaga
  • Healthcare​ ​Issues​ ​Exam​-Megha Jayavelu, Aditi Merchant, Jeffrey You
  • Medical​ ​Law​ ​and​ ​Ethics​-Joonhee Cho
  • Medical​ ​Math​-Erin Xu
  • Medical​ ​Terminology​-Gaeun Kim
  • Nutrition​-Pranavi Kolli, Amber Sheu
  • Pathophysiology​-Straley Webb

Advancing​ ​to​ ​Area​ ​for​ ​Round​ ​2:

  • Biomedical​ ​Debate​-Sanjana Kumar, Nishka Kuttana, Hannah Liu
  • Biomedical​ ​Laboratory​ ​Science​-Sameer Jain, Emily Liau, Michelle Lee, Aditi Merchant,
  • CERT​ ​Skills​-Berea Suen, Melody Yin
  • Creative​ ​Problem​ ​Solving​-Niti Malwade, Devika Patel, Khira Patel, Srija Reddy
  • Dental​ ​Science​-Asiya Prasla
  • Forensic​ ​Medicine​-Hamsi Nathan and James Yan, Nisha Desai and Purvi Desai
  • Healthy​ ​Lifestyle​- Shreya Kuthiala, Sonya Moyer, Sindhuja Uppuluri
  • Home​ ​Health​ ​Aide​-Aliya Arni
  • Medical​ ​Assisting​-Kellie Medina
  • Medical​ ​Spelling​-Aaron Slack, Yashvi Reddy
  • Physical​ ​Therapy​-Yash Purohit, Keshv Srinivasa
  • Sports​ ​Medicine​-Arjun Seth
  • Veterinary​ ​Science​-Michael Phipps