Varsity Girls’ Soccer Conquers over Elgin Wildcats 6-0

Alex Reece, Reporter

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The varsity girls’ soccer team battled against the Elgin Wildcats last Monday, Jan. 29, crushing them in a 6-0 victory to push them closer and closer to the beginning of their district season.

Even as the first half started, it was clear that the Lady Warriors had the upper hand. Not even a few minutes had ticked away and Ella Concannon ‘18 was already advancing towards the goal with Claire Tinker ‘19 and Asha Samson ‘18 close behind to up the score 2-0 early on. Samson would later go on to score another two points for her team, leaving an impressive 4-0 lead with 15 minutes of the first half remaining.

“[My highlights were] being able to get through the back line and being able to pressure and pass around the ball,” forward Autumn Koch ‘19 said.

Battling through the cold, the Lady Warriors kept their cool and continued advancing against the Wildcats. Even with such a good lead, they looked to advance even further, a risk that paid off. The combined skill of the team kept the Wildcats’ ego in check – seconds after celebrating a block, their goalie let Claire Gottardi ‘18 slip by with another shot for a 5-0 score to end the first half.

“It was worth sitting in the cold to watch them shut out the other team,” Ilana Svartz ‘18 said.

As the windchill began to take its toll on the crowd, the student section was still jumping out of their seats and cheering on the Lady Warriors, whooping and yelling as another well placed kick brought the Lady Warriors to their final 6-0 score as the game ended.

Throughout the entirety of the game, the Lady Warriors stayed determined through the cold and never let the Wildcats’ get past the 50 yard line; the ball never even got close to goalie Bella Garcia ‘21 the whole game.

“It gave us a lot of courage to go on and it really was a step up from the previous game and I think it pumped us up for the season,” Koch said.

The Lady Warriors are going to use this outstanding victory to prepare them and kick up their confidence as their season begins. Join them for their next game Friday, Feb. 2 against Hendrickson to start off their official district season with another win.