Students Attend Health Science Career Fair

Nuha Momin, Index Manager

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  • Students look through their notes as they learn about CPR.

  • A group of students takes notes at a table at the Health and Science career fair.

    Kate Harris
  • Zoe Johnson ’18 talks with two professionals at one of the stations.

  • A group of students learns about CPR.

  • Listening intently, students pay attention as a paramedic talks about his job.

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The Academy of Health Service held a career fair in the Atrium on Friday, March 23 to inform students of various career opportunities in the health science field. With the help of Academy Ambassadors, who have been planning the event since January, different specialists were able to attend and talk to students about a possible future career.

“We hoped to bring the industry partners closer to the student and establish a connection between them,” Ambassador Navya Neerukonda ’19 said. “It was a great opportunity for interested students to learn and discover things in the medical field they may not regularly see.”

The representatives of each booth talked with the students about how their job impacts the society and what kind of work they would face in their field. Companies and organizations such as Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Austin Orthodontics, Airrosti, Travis/Williamson County EMS, Texas Medical Board, Baylor Scott & White, Austin Regional Clinic, Balcones Acupuncture Clinic, Austin Community College, Nurse-Verse, Seton Northwest Hospital, and Sleep 360 were able to attend the fair and give insight into their jobs.

“Helping out at high school recruitment fairs always makes us feel good because we have so many different programs that can help these students out,” Health Science Administrative Assistant of ACC Eric Merino said. “For us to be able to introduce these programs to each student, it’s always a thrill.”

This event was open to all students during 5th and 6th block, which many health science teachers took advantage of. Students walked around with notebooks to take note of the different fields, jotting down the daily duties and responsibilities of the specialists. They were also able to interact hands-on at some of the booths to further understand the field.  

“It allowed us to realize that there is so much more in the health science field than just simply a doctor, and that there are so many career pathways to choose from,” Nikitha Majjiga ’19 said. “[The career fair] can help students learn a lot of information about what they can be and what they can do to get where they want.”