Academy Ambassadors Celebrate at Winter Social

Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • Students have fun playing with balloons.

  • Ambassadors chat among each other while eating.

  • Pizza is placed out for students to enjoy.

  • Students help set up tables for the gingerbread house competition.

  • Ms. Sanchez praises the ambassadors who planned the event.

  • A group of students take a picture with their NASA-themed gingerbread house.

  • Students race each other in a candy cane hanging game.

  • Ambassadors discuss how to build their gingerbread house.

  • Ambassadors play a marshmallow spoons race.

  • Ms. Sanchez welcomes everybody to the Ambassador Winter Social.

  • Ambassadors take a group photo with their gingerbread house.

  • Students play pass the parcel with each other.

  • Students work together to put finishing touches on their houses.

  • Ambassadors exchange Secret Santa gifts with each other.

  • A group poses with their finished gingerbread house.

  • Students begin building their gingerbread houses.

  • Ambassadors bring gifts for Secret Santa.

  • Students try to drop as many marshmallows as they can in a bowl with a spoon in their mouth.

  • Students enjoy snacks while others prepare to start building their gingerbread house.

  • Students play a game where they try to collect as many candy canes as they can with their mouth.

  • Students mingle before the social begins.

  • Students prepare to play a challenging but fun game.

  • Students start to work on their gingerbread houses.

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The Academy Ambassadors held their winter social on Dec. 11 with fun and festive games as well as music and great food. The party began at 4:30 p.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m. in the atrium.

“The party was really great because all of the ambassadors came together as a community,” Anika Srivastava ‘21 said. “We’re all just having fun together and socializing and it provides a great feeling of family to everyone. In general, I had a lot of fun.”

Food was provided for all attendees along one wall of the atrium. Pizza, soft drinks, cookies, and water was set out for any ambassador to grab. There were also decorations all around the atrium and tables for people to socialize at.

“The party was placed really nicely because it’s the middle of the week so we have a lot of stress,” Harini Venkoba Rao ‘20 said. “This was just a really great place where we can all come together and have fun. I really loved all of the festive Christmas activities.”

Students from the five academies got together in teams and constructed a gingerbread house for their annual competition. Although there was no clear winner, students had fun making their own gingerbread houses with candy, frosting, graham crackers and whatever other candy they had brought for their academy.

“The gingerbread house making competition was really fun because it’s not super stressful or competitive and was a good activity to bond with our academies,” Nehali Shah ‘19 said. “The decorations came out really nice and look really cute. I got to socialize with my friends which was really great.

There were also plenty of games to play, such as a candy cane hanging game (using the candy cane as a hook to place other candy canes on another plate), a marshmallow spoons race, and pass the parcel. Students also had the chance to socialize and have fun on their own with friends, while also relaxing getting rid of all of the stress from school.

“I planned the games for the party,” Serena Manwani ‘22 said. “I think overall the party went really well. Everyone was really into all of the games and the holiday spirit. It was really fun planning it and I’m glad with how it turned out.”

In addition to the games and activities, there was also a Secret Santa event planned. Students were matched up through the committee chair, Divya Chhotani ‘20. For the event, students had their holiday gifts, like chocolate and stuffed animals, ready to give to their match.

“I had a really fun time planning the Secret Santa,” Chhotani said. “Honestly, it was just lots of fun matching people up and seeing what people wanted. I think that everyone who planned this party came together and had a lot of fun and it clearly was a success.”

The party came out to be a great event for all attendees as it provided a time to relax and have fun.