Students Attend RRISD Leadership Ceremony

Dia Jain, Horizon Assistant Editor

Proud parents filled the cafeteria to witness their children be recognized at the RRISD Leadership Ceremony on Tuesday, April 23. Students from Grisham Middle School, Canyon Vista Middle School, and Westwood High School gathered to celebrate their achievements as leaders of their individual clubs. Each school sent a representative to speak and congratulate their students. The event was followed by refreshments for the attendees to enjoy.

“The principals of the three schools and the superintendent’s speeches about leadership and what makes a leader were very inspiring. All of them are role model leaders.,” CodeGirls Vice-President Anavi Nayak ‘21 said.

After hearing the leaders speak, approximately 30 attendees were individually called out along with their clubs to the stage to be represented.

“I felt very proud and I was very appreciative that Principal Acosta and the District went out of their way to celebrate all of the people and the leaders who made an impact on the schools,” Self Defense Club Vice-President Shreya Kuthiala ‘21 said.

The leadership that the students demonstrated throughout the year taught them multiple lessons. They had to coordinate club activities and keep their members interested in attending. Not only did this require hard work, the leaders had to devote much of their time to expanding and improving their club throughout the year.

“This year, from teaching in the club I have learned important leadership skills such as listening to all members, doing team building activities, and taking initiative. The leadership ceremony allowed me to also see and learn about other people’s leadership styles,” Nayak said.

This event was a way to recognize the leader’s hard work, boost their confidence, and inspire them to continue their hard work.