Students Compete in the Annual Smash Tournament

Bernice Chen, Opinions Editor

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  • Imran Sohail ’22 and Olivia Bowen ’20 look over the tournament brackets. For the players to easily see who they were competing against next, the brackets were projected at the front of the room.

  • Spectators and competitors in the Smash Tournament take a group photo with Club Sponsor Mr. Bradley. Many students participated in the tournament, as well as some alumni.

  • President of Smash Club Olivia Bowen ’20 holds her trophy. Bowen won the solo tournament after several rounds against other players.

  • Brady Richards ’23 and alumni Hamza Ulla compete against each other in the first round. Ulla won the match by a score of 2-1.

  • Players sit in front of projectors to compete. Three projectors and a computer were set up before the tournament to display the games.

  • In between rounds, Asa Kay ’22, Devon Russin ’23, and Imran Sohail ’21 watch other players. The competitors were allowed to take breaks before their next rounds to get ready.

  • Travis Gardner ’21 and Markeith Crenshaw ’20 play against each other in the second round. Crenshaw took the victory with a score of 2-0.

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Students gathered in the Library Great Room on Friday, Nov. 15 after school to participate in a Super Smash Bros. video game tournament. The annual event was hosted by the Smash Club, whose members also participated in the competition.

This is one of Smash Club’s biggest events of the year,” Smash Club President Olivia Bowen ‘20 said. “I organized who would bring [Nintendo] Switch setups, and I brought in food for everyone. The vice president [Imran Sohail ‘22] and I worked together to try and spread the word, putting up posters and asking to be put on the announcements.”

For the main singles tournament, competitors were grouped in pairs by a tournament bracket and scattered around the Library Great Room to play. A separate bracket was made for an extra doubles tournament, in which pairs of players faced each other. As the games progressed, the brackets were updated live by the club officers and new rounds started as soon as the players were ready.

“I think it went really well,” Bowen added. “The turnout was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, but in a way that added to the charm. I had a lot of fun bringing out my competitive side.”

The event lasted for around four hours, with Bowen eventually crowned as the winner and Secretary Jacob Payne ‘21 as the runner-up for the singles tournament. Bowen and Markeith Crenshaw ‘20 won the doubles tournament, beating Payne and Imran Sohail ‘22 in the finals round. The Smash Club will be hosting another tournament around Spring break.