Ambassadors Celebrate Semester at Camping Themed Annual Winter Social

Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • A team in the gingerbread house contest poses with their finished product. After voting from all the ambassadors, the team was crowned the winner of the competition.

  • Vani Shah ’20 draws a snowflake on a graham cracker with icing. Along with other ambassadors, she participated in a gingerbread house competition.

  • Sitting on blankets, students eat and chat. Blankets donated by students were used for the social and given to a veterinarian’s office afterwards.

  • Sakshi Dhavalikar ’21 and Darya Mohajeri ’21 take a photo together with their food. Snacks, pizza, and drinks were provided for students to eat while at the social.

  • Lily Sayre ’21 and Sophia Bombach ’21 welcome everyone to the social. Sayre and Bombach were on the Winter Social Planning Committee and helped organize the event.

  • Srivaishnavi Marreddy ’22 throws a ping-pong ball while playing fish pong. Small prizes were given to students who scored points in the activity.

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The cafeteria glowed with camping and holiday themed decorations, and happy smiles as the Academy Ambassadors enjoyed the annual Winter Social on Tuesday, Dec. 3, with plenty of food, fun games, and festive decorations.

“I really enjoy these socials because it’s just a really great way for all the ambassadors to get together and kind of have a small reunion and have some fun,” Sakshi Dhavalikar ‘21 said. “It’s nice to just relax and not stress about school things and to get together. We don’t usually get to see all of the ambassadors so it’s nice to meet new people and just have fun.”

For this year’s winter social, the social planning committee put together a winter campout with blankets laid out on the floor and lanterns intricately placed around the area. Festive Christmas lights, tinsel, and signs were used as decoration around the cafeteria as well. In addition, Christmas music played up at the front of the cafeteria.

“[Setting up the social] was really stressful, but I’m glad I had such a great team because that made it much easier and worthwhile,” Lily Sayre ‘21 said. “We could’ve had more people, but I thought it was good that the people here really enjoyed the event. I’m glad we had so many activities going on inside of the social because that really helped make it more fun. I think everyone who came really enjoyed it so that worked out.”

Students participated in a myriad of interesting activities including fish pong, a Christmas themed scavenger hunt, and the annual winter cabin building contest. All of the games included many prizes, and the ambassadors got to enjoy quality time with friends while playing.

“The social, overall, was really fun,” Flora Cheng ‘22 said. “I played fish pong and I didn’t make any of them, but I did the gingerbread house building. Our original plan for it didn’t work out, but I still think it turned out pretty good. I think it was a really enjoyable event.”

There was also food located in the back of the cafeteria for ambassadors to enjoy while playing games and talking with their friends. Pizza, cookies, chips, and soda were all available for students to eat and drink.

“It was very fun to organize the social and everyone was very cooperative,” Abhiyan Bhandari ‘21 said. “We came up with good, festive plans and the turnout was less than expected, but everyone was enjoying all of the activities. I think it was better than having everyone come and crowding up.”

The next Ambassador event will be their monthly round up on Monday, Jan. 14 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria and the academy lead rooms.