Coronavirus Outbreak Escalates Across The World


The coronavirus outbreak has terrified people all across the world, forcing everyone to be vigilant and prepared for everything around them. Currently, the total death count has reached 80, with 78 deaths and thousands of cases reported in Wuhan, China, the origin place of this viral, airborne disease. Ten countries have reported to have people who have contracted the disease, most returning from a trip from China, and thus possibly spreading the disease to those near their vicinity. The panic only increased when possible coronavirus cases at Texas A&M were revealed, bringing the threat closer to home. There is no set cure for this disease, and as the total death count only rises with each growing day, the situation may be getting closer and closer to a global outbreak.

The virus originated in Wuhan, China last December and jumped from wild animals to humans at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Coronavirus had actually been previously seen before in China during 2002, when a virus originating from bats spread through the civet cat, which were sold as a delicacy in similar wholesale markets. Although a cure was created for the coronavirus, this newer strand is immune to any treatments previously conceived. Similarly, viewing the symptoms, which range from a fever to severe respiratory illnesses could take two days to two weeks to manifest. As the airborne virus spreads, China is taking considerable measures to prevent further illnesses. Although they were reprimanded for the slow responses at the start of this epidemic, the Chinese government is hoping to quarantine the spread of the coronavirus by preventing anyone from coming in or leaving Wuhan. However, the lockdown of the epicenter of the disease is met with considerable debate, as resources are running low. Medical workers are short on protective suits, as well as face masks. Food is also prevented from being shipped in or out to prevent airborne spreading. Other cities have also been met with a partial lockdown, and while it isn’t as strict as the one instituted in Wuhan, it affects many economical and social gatherings, such as the Lunar New Year.

While these efforts have been sustained to prevent a global crisis, it has not been effective as cases have started to appear all over the world. Infected persons have reached Australia and Europe, and with the virus having a longer incubation period, the people involved would not know until symptoms become severe. While no deaths have been reported in cases outside of China, residents worry about further mutations of the virus that may make it more devastating. Five coronavirus cases have already been reported in the U.S., with more being discovered as time goes on.

Last week, a possible coronavirus case was reported at Texas A&M. The student in question was then quarantined until further investigation could be assessed. In the end, while the student was found to not have the virus, the closeness of the scale worries many Texan residents. A Baylor student have also been monitored for the virus, however results for that case have not come out yet. The unclear pathway of the disease worries many college residents, especially with the recently reported case of coronavirus in the U.S., who is an Arizona State University student. 

As the world braces for the virus to hit their homes, scientists are working around the clock to find a cure to this new strain of coronavirus. While the U.S. is still comparatively safe compared to China and the rest of the world, it is better to be prepared. If a coronavirus case is reported in your area, it is recommended that you wear a face mask to prevent airborne spread. It is also asked for those returning or who have recently visited China to check with doctors and ensure that the virus is not in their system. While the disease has already enticed considerable fear, with proper precautions, further scares and deaths can be avoided.