Women’s Lacrosse Hosts Second “Try It” Clinic


Photo By Kathryn Markovitz

Running with the ball, Sarah Poppe ’22 looks for an open teammate to make a pass to against Westlake. With last year’s lacrosse season heavily shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Try It” clinic provided newfound enthusiasm for the team heading into the upcoming season.

By Silvia Ciacci, Reporter

On Thursday, Sept. 24, the women’s lacrosse team hosted their second “Try It” clinic, an introduction for girls interested in playing lacrosse. Having returning players and coaches helping the potential players, they learned how to catch, throw, shoot, and pick up ground balls. 

“I had a really good time, it was really nice to learn new things. Things like learning how to catch and throw the ball. It was a little difficult but eventually I got the hang of it.” Aishwarya Patibandla ‘23 said. “I would really recommend coming to try it if you are interested.”

The beginners began with the experienced girls stretching and doing a quick get-to-know-you. All of the girls and the coaches did a quick icebreaker. After introductions the coaches split the beginners and the experienced players. The beginners went to go do some ground ball practice, and the experienced players went and did a shooting drill. 

“The coaches explained step by step how to get ground balls really well. It was pretty difficult at first but then I got the hang of it. I’m really glad the coaches were there to help us and explain how to do it to all of us.” Arushi Sharma ‘23 said.

Then, the campers learned catching, throwing, and passing basics, with the coaches telling each returning player to pair up with a beginner player. The girls tossed a ball back and forth to get used to the motion of passing and catching. Then, the new players picked up lacrosse sticks and passed and caught the ball using that, while the returning players continued to use their hands. The final step was passing and catching strictly with the sticks and that took some adjustment but everyone eventually got the hang of it. 

“Passing wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it did get more difficult depending how far the ball was coming from and how fast it was going,” Hailey Clementi ‘24 said. 

The last and final thing that the girls did was some basic shooting. All the beginners lined up in one line while the returning players cheered the girls on. The coaches passed the ball to the newcomers and they would attempt to catch it, run to the goal, and shoot.

“I had a good time shooting, aiming and making it in was a little difficult. I went slow but steady and when I would make it in it was really exciting.” Kataryna Solonynka ‘23 said. Because of the clinic, there is newfound excitement for the upcoming lacrosse season due to new players and new coaches joining the team.