Selena Molinari ’24 Runs Self-Made Jewelry Business


Selena Molinari

These colorful gummy bear earrings are just one of many products that can be found in Selena’s Bazaar. Photo courtesy of Selena Molinari ’24

When Selena Molinari ‘24 opened her business in early June, the first thing she did was remind herself that taking risks and working hard are the first steps to success. Complete with a catalog filled with colorful products and a newsletter to keep customers informed, her self-made website makes it clear that Molinari takes her role as a small-business owner seriously. 

“I hope to be able to afford equipment for film since that is a big interest of mine,” said Molinari. “[I also hope to] raise money for organizations and foundations I would [like] to help out.”

Selena’s Bazaar sells handmade jewelry pieces based on unique designs, all at an affordable price. On the brand’s Instagram account, @selenasbazaarofficial, several Westwood students can be spotted modeling Molinari’s products, which range from translucent, gummy bear-shaped earrings to gold dragon or star-shaped charms. 

The product catalog seems to be keeping the season in mind, boasting various Halloween-themed jewelry such as pumpkin necklaces or ghost earrings. There is also a series of products that is labelled as the ‘Space Saga’, which includes quirky planet and astronaut charms, as well as the ‘Butterfly Set’, a collection filled with pastel butterfly accessories. 

According to the mission statement posted on her website, Molinari aims to prove through running her business that girls like her can accomplish anything if they actually attempt to go through with their plans instead of simply wishing they will happen someday.

“I decided to create this business because I wanted to show that true success is possible at a young age with hard work and passion,” said Molinari. 

Molinari’s business can be found at