15 Low Commitment Ways to Help Save the Environment

There are many simple ways to preserve energy and reduce carbon emission and waste. With this, we can reverse some of the damaging effects to the Earth.

There are many simple ways to preserve energy and reduce carbon emission and waste. With this, we can reverse some of the damaging effects to the Earth.

I think it is safe to say that many of us feel guilty for not devoting more time toward protecting the environment. Not being able to afford expensive organic alternatives, we find ourselves wishing there was more that we could do without changing our entire lifestyle. Without further ado, here are 15 simple inexpensive ways to start saving the environment. 


Download Ecosia

Have you ever wondered how much search engines make? Well, it’s certainly enough to start planting! With Ecosia, using this search browser can plant a tree after approximately 45 searches. You can download it on google or on any mobile device at the click of a button. 


Shop online

With a greater variety of stores to choose from, shopping online is a great alternative to leaving the house. It would mean one less trip to the store and fewer toxic carbon emissions leaving your vehicle. 


Turn your computer off every night 

Yes, you heard me. Doing something as little as shutting down your computer every night can save great amounts of energy overtime. According to a recent study, 10,000 PCs can waste over 260,000 dollars worth of energy over a year just from leaving them on while they aren’t being used. 


Bring your own bag

Whenever you shop at the mall or go to the grocery store, it is most likely that employees will offer you bags to hold your items. This might seem like an obvious one, but bringing your own during every trip can make a huge difference. It saves money and thousands of plastic bags that are possibly polluting the earth. 


Say goodbye to beverage bottles

Although it is tempting to go out and buy a case of water bottles for a hot summer day, it’s best to stick to a reusable water bottle. This way, you can save money and drink from something other than a bottle with a boring logo on it. 


Order big instead of small

Instead of ordering one meal for yourself, order a bigger meal and save the leftovers. This saves you another trip of finding something to eat. This especially makes a difference if you love ordering takeout. 


Download Too Good To Go

This mobile app, Too Good To Go  lets you buy food at discounted rates from local restaurants and cafes. This way, no food goes to waste, and you save money while filling up your stomach. 


Clean the back of your fridge

Cleaning your refrigerator coils twice a year can do quite the job in saving energy and keeping your fridge running efficiently. The average refrigerator takes up most of the electricity in your home and can use up to 30% more energy if not cleaned properly. 


Slow down 

Whether you are running late for work or school, slowing down is overall better for the air. Studies show that driving 10 mph less can be 25% more efficient and anti-pollutant for the atmosphere. 



If there is ever a chance you and someone are meeting at a destination, why not pick them up on the way there? It minimizes traffic, reduces the possibility of a crash, and most importantly is better for the air quality. 


Use cruise control

Surprisingly, using cruise control is another way you can reduce your environmental footprint. It even saves your gas money and mileage in the process. 


Go thrifting

Yet again, here is another way you can save money and help out the planet. Buying second hand clothes can help shorten the worldwide textile demand, thus decreasing subsequent waste.


Borrow books from the library 

Checking out books from the library or reading online can be so much more eco-friendly in comparison to buying and owning books. This results in a lower demand for paperbacks and gives you one less thing to hold onto. 


Eat less meat products 

It is no secret that cutting meat out of your life can make great changes to your health, but it can also reduce your carbon footprint by 17%. Not to mention, it lowers the demand for such products. I’m not saying you should stop eating your favorite foods, but every now and then it is not a bad idea to go vegan for the environment. 


Share this with others

Although all of these are great ways to save the earth, telling others about them can take them even further.  If you share these methods with everyone around you, they can make an even greater impact.