Head Tennis Coach Travis Dalrymple Awarded National High School Boys Coach of the Year


Universal Tennis Rating

Tennis head coach Travis Dalrymple was awarded the honor of National High School Boys Coach of the Year by the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). Coach Dalrymple received the award after he led the varsity tennis team to their second state title in three years. Photo courtesy of Universal Tennis Rating.

In an exhilarating fall season for the varsity tennis team, competition still took place over the backdrop of a global pandemic. The subsequent shutdowns that left the world of sports dormant made it certain that the continuation of tennis, season or not, was the semblance of normalcy that the tight knit community of high school programs yearned for. It was truly a risk worth taking, and one that most certainly paid off. 

Recognizing the achievements of top organizers and professionals from across the country, the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), named head tennis coach Travis Dalrymple National High School Boys Coach of the Year. 

“I was blown away,” Coach Dalrymple said. “A national award, especially from such a prestigious organization like UTR, which is taking over all [of] the tennis in the entire world [and] to be nominated for National [High School Boys] Coach of the Year just took my breath away. It was crazy.” 

When the pandemic drove everything to a halt, the team’s goals to land another trip to the state tournament were still alive as ever. It was still day by day or rather, drill by drill, where fostering a drive for excellence, emblazoned in the distinctive and embracing, yet demanding culture of success managed to eschew the playbooks of preeminent powerhouse programs in their way. Soon enough, it was only a matter of time, a matter of trust, and a matter of execution. 

“At the end of the day, there are bigger problems in the world than high school tennis,” Coach Dalrymple said. I’m just glad to have a season. Watching the kids win a state title and to bring home two state titles after 12 years of hard work here at Westwood — nothing’s going to beat that. This [award] was icing on the cake.” 

For Coach Dalrymple, the story of his return to the orange and white of his alma mater 12 years ago was a path cut out. A 2000 graduate of Westwood and a player himself, the program has undergone substantial transformation and from the bottom up, a dynasty emerged under the tutelage of one of its own. While each year proves to raise the bar exponentially, Dalrymple still hesitates to direct his attention to individual recognition. 

“When I got here, the kids that bought in, the kids that continue to buy in, [their] smiles and celebration,” Coach Dalrymple adds, “they mean much, much more.”  

With the new year, Coach Dalrymple looks forward to what is to come in the upcoming individual spring season, where safety still remains of the utmost importance.