Ranking the Songs in ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3’



Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 is renowned for its excellent soundtrack, and in this article we’ll be ranking the songs heard in this gaming masterpiece. Image courtesy of Nerdporium

Oliver Barnfield, Video Editor

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series was a series of 5 games, with the first being released in 1999 and the most recent in 2015. The series reached its peak with the third installment, released on most major platforms, and featuring a soundtrack packed with punk, rap and metal. Following the release of a remaster dedicated to the first two games, a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 remaster seems likely, possibly in unison with a Pro Skater 4 remake too. So while we wait for this inevitable remaster, why not rank the 17 songs featured on the soundtrack? 

20. Get Dirty by Redman

A truly terrible (and misogynist) song with a PS2 sponsorship, dog imitations, an off beat instrumental and a vibe that doesn’t fit the game at all. Thank god they didn’t put this on the PS1 version due to memory constraints. I can’t imagine having to listen to this more than once.

19. Hush by KRS-One

KRS-One’s loud and annoying vocals dominate this annoying track. It’s got a very similar vibe to Get Dirty, proving that off-beat vocals and awful beats were inexplicably popular in the early 2000s. Generally the Pro Skater series has proved adept in picking excellent rap music for its games but 3 definitely has several duds. 

18. I’m A Swing It by House of Pain

House of Pain was a one hit wonder act best known for Jump Around, one of the best hip hop songs of the 90s, but sadly I’m A Swing It is no Jump Around. Instead, it’s a boorish and ugly track that relies on stale pop culture references and a truly loathsome vocal. 

17. Check by Zebrahead

Nu-metal was an embarrassing genre that crossed metal with rap, and while that doesn’t sound bad on paper, in execution it was a genre pioneered by untalented white bros who wouldn’t know a good hook if it hit them in the face. This is one of many regrettable Nu-metal songs on the soundtrack, and it’s by far the worst. 

16. Pulse by The Mad Capsule Market

Yet another trashy nu-metal song that grates heavily on the ears.

15. Wish by Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm were best known for a nu-metal cover of Smooth Criminal. This song proves why they were a one hit wonder. 

14. Fight Like A Brave by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This early song by the hugely successful funk rock group is a puzzling choice, it’s not one of their better known songs and is honestly not very good. It gets good in its second half, but it’s cut off by the game’s timer. 

13. I’m Destroying the World by Guttermouth

Admittedly, this is a fun song, but it’s a pretty transparent Primus ripoff. Skippable, but has a good banjo solo.

12. Paparazzi by Xzibit

This song has a great instrumental, and while Xzibit isn’t a great rapper, he gets the job done. The version in the game is incredibly censored because of all the profanity he says in the original!

11. The Boy Who Destroyed the World by A.F.I.

A pretty catchy pop-punk song. It fits the song’s aesthetic perfectly.

10. I Can’t Surf by Reverend Horton Heat

A solid surf-rock tribute, but does it really fit in a skating game?

9. Amoeba by The Adolescents

It really feels bad putting this so low, but I just don’t like it as much as the others on the soundtrack. It’s still quite good, but not as good as the other songs in the game. 

8. What’s the Matter Man by Henry Rollins Band

Another solid punk song, and again it hurts to put it so low.

7. Amongst the Madness by The Nextmen ft. Soulson

This is a very fun and catchy rap song that fits the game like a glove. It gets stuck in your head very easily. 

6. 96 Bitter Beings by CKY

I really love this song, it has an incredibly infectious and crunchy riff and lyrics that remind me of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Why is it so low then? Well, the next 6 songs are so good that it can’t help but pale in comparison.

5. Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

The godfathers of punk contributed this 1977 classic to the game, and it’s the best known song included. It’s nice to have a bit of punk history alongside new artists, and given that this is such an iconic song, it’s a no brainer for the top 5.

4. Cut Chemist Suite by Ozomatli

Horn breakdowns, record scratches, comical sound effects, and fun-loving lyrics; what more could you ask for in a 90s rap tune? It’s a great party track, and good for skating around the virtual world too.

3. Not the Same by Bodyjar

It makes me physically ill putting this song at #3, but I just like the top 2 slightly more. I still love this song so much, obviously. It’s a slice of pop-punk perfection, beautiful and grungy, and it’s easily the most nostalgic song on the soundtrack.

2. If You Must by Del the Funky Homosapien

Who says rap has to be about serious issues or partying? This is one of my all time favorite rap songs, and it’s about the importance of brushing your teeth. With a fantastic beat and a great flow, it’s perfect from bottom to acne-riddled top. 

1. Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Is this the greatest metal song ever written? Maybe. It’s certainly my favorite. Motorhead were a fantastic band, and although most consider them metal, they were really punks at heart. Listen to the guitar here and try not to think of The Clash. Vocalist Lemmy has a fantastic voice for this kind of hard-living lyric, and his bass playing is stellar as always. Anytime this song plays on the soundtrack, you have to turn the volume all the way up.