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Hello, I'm Oliver. I am considered by many to be the funniest man alive, as well as the coolest. Do you agree? You'll have to read my articles to find out. I enjoy movies, Burt Reynolds, books and video games, and anything unusual or out of the ordinary. If I'm not reading a Stephen King book, playing games, or listening to Talking Heads, I'm probably talking to people or traveling.  I won't bore you with more details about my life because you have reading to do.

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Film director Robert Altman had a varied and fascinating career, and in this article we explore the second half of his 1970s work.


May 25, 2021
Disco was the dominant music genre of the 1970s, but backlash quickly followed. How does it stand now, and did it deserve all the hate? Photo courtesy of  Amanda Edwards and Getty Images with John Travolta from the film Saturday Night Fever, directed by John Badham.

Disco Deserved Better

December 14, 2020
The 80s were a great time for comedies, but not all of them have stood the test of time. These 10 picks definitely do.

Top 10 80s Comedies

November 22, 2020
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