A Nifty Gift List for This Holiday Season!


Monicore on Pixabay

A collection of ideas for you to find your loved ones a perfect gift. View the categories and pick one that’s most realistic for you! Photo curtesy of Monicore on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/christmas-gift-new-year-holidays-3015776/

Need a last minute gift for a white elephant or for a family member? Here’s some ideas for you!!

Cheap gifts!
Oven Mitts (Funny): If you want to give your loved ones something funny to bake with, here’s your gift!
Dish Towels (Funny): These towels will be an excellent choice for anyone that wants to do the dishes.
Prepare a Meal: A meal is a wonderful thing to offer to any family member or loved one. Cook them something delicious from one of these recipes.
Crystals: Whether it’s for meditation or just for show, crystals can be a beautiful thing to have around the house.
Face Masks: Comfy face masks for all those who wear them during this time would be an excellent idea.
Comfy Clothes: Something fluffy or soft to wear while it’s cold outside is always a great way to start out the holidays.
Fuzzy Socks: Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks?
Hand Sanitizer: Some scented, sanitary gifts to add to any bag, purse, or backpack.
Nice Card: Any handwritten card is a meaningful way to show someone that you care.
Handmade Mask Chains: Whether it’s out of beads or thread, mask chains are a fashionable way to add to your outfit!

Free gifts!
Write Them a Song/Make them a Playlist: Nothing is quite as tender as listening to a song written by someone you love.
Breakfast in Bed: The perfect way to wake up in the morning.
Sentimental Arts and Crafts Piece: Nothing is quite as personal as an art piece from someone you care deeply for.
Date Ticket (One Free Night Out): Setting aside a night for some personal time with your significant other is a unique way to show how much you care.
Poem/Short Story: A written piece about just about anything can be inspiring, personal, and beautiful.
Live Performance: Can you play an instrument, dance, or sing? Try putting some thought into a piece. It’s a special way to remind someone how much thought you put into their gift.
Embroider a Piece: Those that can embroider, or enjoy making similar arrangements, could create a piece that would mean a lot to your special someone.
Knit an Accessory: Whether it’s a scarf, hat, sweater, or anything else, knitting an accessory is such a wonderful way to show your time investment to someone close to you.

Easy gifts!
Jewelry: A delicate necklace is a lovely gift to give to someone special. Whether it reminds you of them, it reflects their style, or it’s a bold new addition, jewelry is always a solid option for a gift.
Concert Tickets: Would your significant other listen to a certain artist on repeat? A ticket to go see them would be a delightfully surprising way to make their Christmas morning.
A Coffee Subscription: Coffee in the morning? Please. Custom coffee according to my taste? ABSOLUTELY. Give them a subscription to a coffee that matches their taste, and comes regularly for your selected amount of time.
Records of Fav Song/Album: Record players have been increasing in popularity recently, and those that have one would probably love their favorite artists on vinyl.
Favorite Artists’ Merch: Merch! Get it while it’s hot!
Subscription to Streaming Platform: Everyone knows how expensive streaming is getting. Why not surprise someone close to you with a free year of Netflix? (Or something similar)
Movie Night: Pick out the movie and grab the popcorn. Maybe let them choose.
Posters from favorite TV Shows/Movies: Are they bingeing a series right now? Why not get them a poster to really excite them?
Gift Cards to their Favorite Stores/Restaurants: Bring them a giftcard from their favorite restaurant and just watch their face light up.
Surprise Outing: Your call where you want to go. PIcnic, art gallery, wine tasting? It’s wherever they want to go
Favorite Restaurant Date: Love that sweet sweet Italian? Or maybe Chinese or Thai? Look no further.
Mall Date: The holiday season is overflowing with sales.
Stationary: New bullet journal, pens, paper, you name it. This may be more relevant if they like to journal or write.
Planners: Whether it’s for the school year or for the new year, a new way to organize is a solid bet if they like keeping everything in order.

Personalized gifts!
Custom Vans: Love the shoes, hate the color? This way, it’s a little more special.
Shutterfly Mug with Personalized Photos: Whether it’s a meme, an inside joke, a title or a reference, a mug with your face on it is sure to make them chuckle.
Photo Album: Special people make special photos. Really special photos.
Scrapbook: Bits of magazines, report cards, art, plane tickets, maps, polaroids. You know it.
Phone Cases: If they’re going to carry it around all day, why not print something hilarious on the back of it?
Personalized Sound Wave Jewelry: This unique gift is equal parts fascinating and charming. You can simply submit an audio file of you saying something like “I love you,” and give it to someone you love.
T-Shirts: Print an inside joke! It’ll be funny!
Pillows: The most hilarious gifts are often the ones with your sibling’s face slapped onto it.
Aprons: Give whoever loves to cook something they’ll treasure for years to come: A lovely custom apron. Make sure to put something nice on it.
Calendars: How about a cute calendar full of pictures to that special someone? It can be the kids, the dog, the turtle, all of the above. Whatever you think they’d like to have in a convenient calendar.
Monogramed Items for Her: Something cute, like a wallet, bag or purse. For her traveling and convenience, if she would like her initials on it, this is a solid choice.
Monogramed Items for Him: Something productive, like a work bag or a monogrammed shirt. If he needs something new to organize himself at work, this is a solid choice.
Digital Picture Frames: A slideshow of pictures for all to see. All the embarrassing moments, the funny moments, the cringey moments. All for the family or friend group to laugh at, to proudly display in the living room. This will remind everyone of all the moments you’ve had together.