Receiving a Booster Vaccine is The Next Step For Preventing The Spread of COVID-19


Hannah McDonough

COVID-19 booster shots are now available to anyone over 18 and should be taken advantage of in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

COVID-19 booster shots have become available to the public over the age of 18. With the pandemic still rapidly spreading, it is important to take advantage of the protection we have against it, including booster shots.

It is essential to get vaccinated in order to decrease the risk of getting COVID-19, but vaccinations do lose effectiveness over time. Booster shots can help increase the longevity of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Certain people are more susceptible to COVID-19 for reasons such as their age or career, making it more necessary for them to receive the booster shot. People in jobs such as nursing and first responding and people over the age of fifty have an increased need to get vaccinated and should also consider a booster shot because they are in a more risky position for catching COVID-19.

With the exception of certain health concerns, there’s no reason not to get the booster vaccine because it is the same as the original vaccine, which has already proven safe. People who aren’t vaccinated place themselves at risk as they are more likely to catch COVID-19. As the effects of the first doses wear off, booster shots are there to ensure continued protection against the virus.

Vaccines are increasingly crucial in stopping the spread of the pandemic as new variants of the virus are discovered. The latest variant is the Omicron variant and is just starting to reach the U.S. Though the Omicron variant is still new and not a lot is known about it, it is known to spread more quickly. The new variant increases the necessity for people to get vaccinated because being protected against the virus can help limit its already quick spread.

Vaccine booster shots are safe and effective against the virus. There is no harm in getting a booster shot as it only helps continue the effectiveness of the original vaccine. COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots are available at local pharmacies.