2022 Indie Game Recommendations!


Victoria Borodinova

Sarah Wollney, Reporter

Like most people, we all enjoy a good game every now and then. Whether we grew up with it or randomly found it there’s always one that sticks with us. Fortunately, we have found some great games based off of some of these classics, such as Minecraft or Stardew Valley. Whatever your taste in games are, we are sure you’ll leave here with a new game to try!

Do you enjoy Little Nightmares? Try Death’s Door!
While not exactly like Little Nightmares, Death’s Door seems like an interesting game for enjoyers of Little Nightmares. You play as a crow who is new to the Grim Reaper job and try to navigate through the tough opportunities that come along with it. While the idea for this game is cute, it does feature darker themes and parts of it are similar to the escape aspect of Little Nightmares. This game is playable for most major consoles.

Are you a fan of Genshin Impact? Try Stable!
Since its release, Genshin Impact has blown up. Unlike many other games on the market, this game features unique lore and has loveable characters, and does something many other gacha games don’t- feature 3D characters instead of PNGs. For fans of Genshin, we recommend Stable! Stable is an open-world single-player adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and features amazing audio and visual effects. Like Genshin Impact, this game focuses on puzzles and challenges but unlike Genshin it does not include any PVP system. However, this game is only available for PC and Xbox at this time with no future plans for other consoles.

Have you played Cookie Run Kingdom? Try Dragalia Lost!
If you enjoy Cookie Run Kingdom you might like Dragalia Lost. While it’s not exactly a new game, we think players who enjoy the story of CRK will love Dragalia Losts’ storyline and gameplay. However, unlike CRK this game features a 3D chibi model along with their official artwork. Dragalia focuses on action and adventure to drive the game forward, but also shows the importance of building your kingdom, similar to CRK’s building stage. This mobile game is free to play.

For older enjoyers of games like Final Fantasy VII: Remake, try Terranigma!
We have the perfect recommendation. Now Terranigma is by no means a new game. However, this game never got big in the West, keeping it’s audience relatively small. We think Fans of FFVII will enjoy Terranigma because, like other RPGs, it features an amazing story and even better music. Our protagonist, Ark, must mature on his own in a coming of age-adventure story. Because Terranigma came out over twenty years ago, it’s only available for Nintendo Consoles with a Switch mode allegedly being released in late 2022.

Now for the classic ‘Sims’ fans we have the perfect game… Yonder, The Cloud Catcher Chronicles!
If you enjoy playing the Sims, we think you’d enjoy Yonder, The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. This open-world adventure game allows you to enjoy it at your own speed. If you enjoy controlling your Sims’ everyday lives you may enjoy this game. This game is available for PC, Playstation, and the Switch. However, if you play the Sims after a long day of work to take your anger out, you may be interested in trying Two Point Hospital. This game allows you to manage your hospital and make sure your patients are well taken care of, design your own hospital, and even manage your own staff. This game is also available for most consoles.

Caught up in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hype? Try Garden Story!
This game is perfect to play on a chill day when you just want to relax, it offers a cute visual and audio experience while also delving into deeper topics in the villagers’ storylines. This game offers a town-building experience while also including the classic farming mechanic many people know and love. As of now, this game is only available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Stardew Valley, a popular classic that many people like, we have a few great recommendations!
Ooblets combines the loveable creatures of the Pokemon world with the mechanics of Stardew valley, resulting in a super interactive experience! This PC game brings features of classic card trading games, allowing players to explore to their heart’s content and care for their new Ooblets! You get free reign of your own village and you can take care of your town by doing small upkeep tasks. Unfortunately, Ooblets is only available for PC and Xbox One at this time.

If you prefer the upkeep of your village, Yokai Inn may be the perfect game for you! Yokai Inn is a small game with adorable villagers and even cuter graphics. This game takes place in the Taishō era of Japan and allows the player to take care of and grow their small Inn. It also features basic sim-life game features such as farming, cleaning, relationships, holiday celebrations, and even adopting super cute pets! However, this game is still in early development and does not have a specific release date yet, but the game is expected to be released on Steam and the Switch.

Now for fans of Slime Rancher, check out Mineko’s Night Market!
Mineko’s Night Market offers an adorable show to Slime Rancher players. This game involves cats and crafting, following a similar route to Slime Rancher. While having a cute aesthetic, this game also wants to celebrate Japanese culture and bring awareness to Western culture and media. While Mineko’s Night Market is planning on being released on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch, it currently does not have a release date.

There are so many more amazing games out there just waiting for you to try them. While we can’t recommend every game we think this is a great place to start. There is always a new game coming out, even if they don’t receive any major press. Plus, the good thing is there is always an amazing game out there for everyone! Good luck finding a new game!