[GALLERY] Theater Revamps ‘The Impostures of Scapin’ for UIL Presentation

Alana True and Oliver Barnfield

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  • Eva De Guelle ’22 and Cara Tome ’22 notice the audience in the opening moments of the play.

  • A distraught Evan Tucker ’23 mourns his sorry state to Sophie Steinhauser ’22 in a humorously exaggerated scene.

  • De Guelle and Steinhauser search the audience for a potential cohort.

  • A sobbing Tome is comforted by her lover as her tissues are picked up by Cait Lackowski ’22, playing her servant.

  • Luc Brown ’23 threatens De Guelle with a sword after the character’s trickery is revealed.

  • With her character disguised as a bravo, Steinhauser strikes a pose as Oliver Barnfield ’23 looks on.

  • Having trapped Aedan Herrod ’22 in a box, De Guelle’s character Scapin delights in a cunning bit of trickery as Barnfield grins at the scheming on display.

  • In a final bit of scheming, De Guelle pretends to be injured in order to fool the elderly Colin Patridge ’22.

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