Glittering Gems from 2022 Trends: Here’s This Year’s Prom Styles!


Prom 2022 has been long awaited and the excitement is starting to build as the big night gets closer. The usual traditions are still taking place, like fancy outfits, dates, corsages and more. But what makes every year different from the last is the surge of new styles, and this year has not disappointed. Many new trends emerged this year, but here are a few that will be the most notable at prom.

1. Neon Colored Dresses: 2022 has been all about coming back strong from the hard times of COVID, and these dresses go along with that theme perfectly. From hot pink to lime green, bright shining dresses are an amazing way to stand out and grab attention at prom this year. Not to mention, a stunning neon dress paired with a good tan and a fun pair of heels will wow the crowds.

2. One Shoulder Dresses: These dresses demonstrate a free and fun look for 2022, and have been very popular for this spring prom. This year, prom attendees have to be prepared for the hot Texas temperatures, so a one-shoulder dress is a stylish way to dress for the weather.

3. Sequined dresses: These dresses have made a huge return and have taken over this year’s prom trends. They have been present throughout the years but they’re having a surge in popularity this year. Showing up to prom sparkling in glittering sequins is surely the way to make an entrance and show off on the dance floor. From Sherri Hill to Macy’s, every brand is hopping on the sequin train and selling out faster than ever.

4. Butterfly Dresses: This style may not be familiar to most, but it will be making its grand debut at proms all across the country this year. These dresses tie in the sparkly sequins, bright colors and unique feel all in one beautiful dress. This trend may be new now but this style is here to stay for a long time.

5. “Shattered Mirror” Dresses: These dresses were a very popular style for the fall formal-wear period of 2021, but now they’ve grown bigger and better for prom this spring. Shattered mirror dresses have bits of reflective plastic down them that look like broken pieces of glass all fitted together on the surface of the dress. Going along with the trend of sparkles for 2022, a shattered mirror dress adds some glitz and glam to a prom look and truly can’t be matched. The uniqueness and fashionability of this style will continue to wow even after prom night.

6. Corset-Top Dresses: 2021 brought the comeback of corsets as a style in clothing, and the prom trends this year did not fail to follow. Corset tops flatter the body and allow for a beautiful flowy skirt to stand out stunningly at prom this year. You’re sure to look like royalty in one of these new dresses.

Did you like any of those trends or are you still up in the air about what to wear? Take this quiz to figure out what style best suits your 2022 Prom!