A Definitive Ranking of Westwood’s Lunch-Go-To’s!


When the bell finally rings, students disperse through the hallways for lunch. Some go through the cafeteria to find their friends and sit, but others make their way outside. The lunch options go beyond just the school food, as many students head off-campus in search of their meal. Although most are reachable by a car, some are even within walking distance. There are lots of viable options, and after this tier list you’ll understand which are the best.

S Tier: The Best of the Best

Cabo – Cabo Bob’s is the whole package. You can have nachos, tacos, a bowl, or a burrito. Cabo Bob’s burrito brings every element of flavor. It all starts with 4 types of tortillas. Next, you pick between 6 types of protein. Then you get to choose the vegetables and sauces on top. Cabo Bob’s also has great guacamole and queso. Cabo brings lots of different flavor options, and the speed of the order is unmatched.

Chipotle – Similar to Cabo Bob’s, Chipotle is the perfect place for tacos, bowls, and burritos. They have a wide selection of ingredients and sauces, and you can bet that every time you go, your order will be packed. Chipotle also tends to be very quick, giving you plenty of time to eat and then head back to school.

Cane’s – Although it’s a bit of the way, Cane’s is another amazing food spot. The main food options consist of value meals, all of which consist of chicken fingers and fries. Along with these meals comes arguably Cane’s greatest attraction, their beloved Cane’s Sauce. With the sauce, the chicken, and the fries paired together, Cane’s makes for a very good food option.

Chick-Fil-A – Chick-Fil-A is the most popular food destination. The two main options are nuggets and the sandwich. The sandwich is always good. Chick excels above its opponents due to the variety of sauces that are accessible. Chick is also very affordable, and filling. The waffle fries provide a different, more unique option, compared to other fries in the area.

A Tier: Still a Solid Choice

P. Terry’s – P. Terry’s is the closest restaurant to Westwood, which already gives it good credit. P. Terry’s crafts a very solid burger, along with above average fries. Although the burger shop is very good, it isn’t on the same level as the other restaurants. This is also due to the limited menu.

Thundercloud – Thundercloud is like a upgraded version of Jimmy John’s. It’s a very solid but basic sub shop. There are lots of options for types of subs, which is a very good feature. My only fault would be the lack of sides. They only provide chips, which is what places the sub shop in Tier 2.

Bush’s – Bush’s is very close to Westwood, and although it is not walking distance it is very easy and quick to reach. They have plenty of options, and even have a dedicated “Warrior Lunch Special”. However, it can be said that the taste of their chicken isn’t amazing, and often the food you receive is so hot that it takes a while to eat it.

Pita Fusion – Pita Fusion is the most diverse food option on this list. Pita is another Chipotle/Cabo type of ordering experience, where you choose as you go. It starts with a piece of pita bread, and is filled with your choices of proteins and vegetables and sauces. The biggest problem with Pita is the high prices, especially if you order chips and a drink.

B Tier: It’s Okay at Best

Dominoes – Although Dominoes isn’t often thought of as a popular lunch destination, the pizza shop is still very close and makes high quality food. Dominoes is one of the most popular pizza places in the world, and they make good, solid pizzas. The only disadvantage to dominoes is the order time and preparation. To get back to class on time, you would need to pre-order the pizza, which is sort of a hassle.

Whataburger – The burger shop is well known throughout Texas, and for good reasons. Whataburger provides good prices for solid food. The burgers they make are always filling, and usually high quality. Occasionally, the food takes a long time to get out, which is a disadvantage when you are under a time crunch. The burgers and fries are both very solid, but nothing extraordinary.

Wendy’s – This fast food restaurant cranks out very affordable food with good speed. The food at Wendy’s isn’t above average, but it most definitely isn’t bad. It gets the job done with enough food. The deals are what keeps this restaurant in Tier 3.

McDonald’s – McDonald’s is more memorable for it’s sides then its meals. Although its burgers aren’t necessarily bad, they aren’t really memorable and savorable, placing it in Tier 3.

Jimmy John’s – Jimmy John’s definitely has variety, and their chips are really good. However, their sandwiches have a tendency to become stale pretty quickly, and their sandwiches are kind of hit or miss.

C Tier: Not Worth it

DQ – Dairy Queen is known for its blizzards and desserts a lot more than for their actual food, but the food isn’t bad. The chicken tenders and the burgers are average, and the food is very affordable. The blizzards and dipped cones is what draws in the most customers for DQ.

Taco Bell – Although it’s close to Westwood, Taco Bell doesn’t have a lot to redeem themselves for besides their Baja Blasts. The wait times are often long, and some of their ingredients taste dry and do not blend well with others.

Schlotzskys – Although it’s not that close, Schlotzskys isn’t far, so it does make for an average food spot. The fact is, the food isn’t savorable, and the options could be better, putting it in the C Tier.