Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Austin

The last month of school is finally upon us, and while the prospect of summer glimmers playfully on the horizon, exam season reigns over most of May. For most high schoolers, cramming for tests and drinking coffee go hand-in-hand, so we’ve rounded up a list of Austin coffee shops for you to review old notes, take practice tests, or cry (whatever your preferred method of studying is). 

Summer Moon Coffee

This cafe is a true marvel. Despite having expanded to 40+ locations across 10 states, it retains the charm of a local, underground gem. Its most notable feature? Even though there is a constant flow of customers, this cafe has managed to create a peaceful ambience that really lends itself to studying. There is an abundance of seating options, including couches for a post-studying (or mid-studying) nap. The coffee itself ranks exceptionally high, as their signature Moon Milk gives its lattes a unique and delicious twist. My personal recommendation is the Cinnamoon latte (hot or iced) and a slice of banana bread. 

Austin Grind

This beloved local business is owned by a current Westwood family, with one unique location on West Parmer Lane. Austin Grind has been around since 2005, but a brand redesign and menu expansion has allowed them to relaunch. Although on the smaller side, there are numerous tables and armchairs for students who need a good studying spot and the cafe generally remains tranquil despite a consistent flow of regulars. I’d personally go for a latte with one of their unique syrups (gingerbread is our favorite) or the Chunky Monkey if you’re feeling adventurous. And just as a bonus, you may just spot our very own current Marketing Editor-in-Chief behind the counter!

Magick Matcha

Fancy an outdoor studying spot and a unique alternative to coffee? Magick Matcha is a small female-owned food truck serving innovative takes on this unique Japanese beverage. Not only are these drinks alluring with aesthetic appeal, they also provide great refreshments for downtown during hot Austin summers. My personal favorite ended up being the lavender lemonade. This delicious drink was only made better by the prime location and warm sunshine infiltrating the umbrella-covered benches. 

Black Sugar Caffe 

Located in Cedar Park, Black Sugar Caffe boasts an expansive cafe space and an even more expansive menu. Offering everything from coffee to boba to a myriad of pastries, almost anyone can find something to enjoy from their options. Countless tables are interspersed throughout the store for customer use, and they even have a shelf of beloved board games for when you get bored with your textbook. Despite having sampled many items from their offerings, I’ll always come back to our iced vanilla sweet cream latte with oat milk. 

Black Rock Coffee Bar

Black Rock emanates the quintessential L.A. coffee shop vibe, as minimalist architecture is combined with a unique and delicious array of beverages. That ambiance makes it a great place to study as long as it doesn’t get too busy. They have the classics of course, but those with a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy delectable flavors like caramel blondie or Mexican mocha. We’d also recommend switching it up and trying your latte as a blended chiller. Make sure to pack your headphones, and you’re in for a productive studying session. 

Coffee Shark

In contrast to the very threatening name, this small cafe has just the right atmosphere to build up some academic productivity. With multiple tables and bar chairs, there’s plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your delicious treats while poring over your notes. The space is almost infinitely peaceful and the employees are exceedingly friendly, even when you forget to order your latte with oat milk (not speaking from personal experience). While they do have specialty coffee and tea drinks, they also offer many breakfast and lunch options. I’d definitely recommend any of the breakfast sandwiches paired with a simple latte. 

Mi Mundo 

The first indication that this isn’t your typical Austin coffee shop comes from the exterior, where the wooden porch and peaceful surroundings emulate a small-town Western vibe. The interior design style is a perfect mix of artsy and understated, with worn-in couches and a blackboard menu setting the tone for a great cafe experience. Both the iced chai and iced matcha are great options, and we’d recommend keeping your order as simple as the decor. At Mi Mundo, you feel like you’re not just reading your textbook; you’re a budding scholar scouring your notes for a breakthrough academic discovery.

Lamppost Coffee

We usually try to find a balanced mix between an encouraging flow of customers and a peaceful ambience, but Lamppost is the place to be if your deadlines are piling up and you need silence. You will never be the odd one out when you pull out your laptop and textbooks and spread them across your table, and there’s something really comforting about knowing everyone around you is also being productive. The menu is exceedingly simple, but Lamppost Coffee  boasts plenty of caffeinated options for your final push during a busy week. If you’re looking to branch out, our personal recommendation is the iced matcha, but Lamppost is the kind of place where you will find your go-to and stick with it. Overall, it’s a great option to ensure you get things done while still having an enjoyable cafe experience.