‘Duvet’ Captures Essence of Boa’s Voice for Decades

Charly Obermiller, Dreamcatcher Staff

Music is loved by almost everyone around the world — there’s something for everyone in the music industry, whether it be rock, pop, or country.  From writing raps to playing classical instruments, it truly is an art and requires great talent. The band, Boa, proves that. When you listen to Boa’s music, it teleports you to a different world. 

Boa is a band from the UK, consisting of four members. They first debuted in 1993 with the album, The Race of A Thousand Camels. Later after signing with a new label, the album name was changed to Twilight. Boa’s song, “Duvet,” came out in 1998 and was featured in an anime called Serial Experiments Lain. It is their most popular song, loved by anime fans. Their sound is unique with the very poetic lyrics the band members write. The band is considered to be indie rock and even alternative rock for their less mellow songs. 

Boa has many songs talking about relationships and hardships in their lives. “Duvet” discusses how lead singer Jasmine Rodgers thought the person she loved on the outside was perfect, but deep down, they were someone else. Rodgers shows this by saying, “and you don’t seem to understand; a shame you seemed an honest man.” In correlation to Serial Experiments Lain, fans believe that the song is illustrating how the main character Lain Iwakura feels that Iwakura doesn’t know much about the world around her. “Duvet” is definitely a song that helps people who are lost find themselves. 

“Duvet” is an interesting song and, in a way, has a very complex sound with its hints of piano, electronic synth, and instruments like guitar and bass. Rodgers stated that writing music was very cathartic and poetic for her. In a lot of the band’s songs, you can understand the band’s emotions by just reading the lyrics. “Duvet” is Boa’s most popular song and for good reason — it shows the band’s unique perspective on the world and the band’s very unique sound. I love “Duvet” because it has its own special sound compared to other songs. Nevertheless, anything and everything by Boa is truly unique and showcases so much talent.