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Qasem Soleimani was a major general in the Iranian Armed Forces and widely considered the second most powerful person in Iran. Due to a targeted airstrike by the U.S. military, Soleimani was killed on Jan. 3.

The Soleimani Killing Was Impulsive

By Sara Momin, Assistant Community & World News Editor January 24, 2020

On Jan. 3, Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani was killed in an overnight attack authorized by President Trump. Soleimani was a key piece in Iran’s military influence and defense, widely regarded as...

Protesters hold a rally outside the White House against China's treatment of Uighurs on July 10, 2009. Five days earlier, hundreds of Uighurs led riots in Xinjiang, China that quickly escalated into violence.

Uighur Muslims Face Severe Oppression in China

By Emily Malone, Photographer January 16, 2020

Near the end of 2018, the detainment and abuse of millions of Uighur Muslims came to light. In the region of Xinjiang, China, Uighurs are facing major oppression in “vocational education and training...

Eight cheerleaders were expelled from the cheer squad for vaping, along with two who quit in protest. After a former cheerleader expressed outrage at the zero-tolerance policy applied to the students, RRISD has decided to scrap it.

RRISD Sends a Dangerous Signal By Caving to Former Cheerleaders’ Demands

By Jake Schlanger, Community & World News Editor January 12, 2020

In the aftermath of gender discrimination allegations levied against Westwood by a former cheerleader, RRISD has gotten rid of the zero-tolerance policy for student leadership organizations. The controversy...

Protestors in Berlin hold a demonstration against Amazon's tax policy and treatment of workers on Nov. 24, 2017. Multiple protests have been held by Amazon employees all over the world against the company.

Amazon’s Mistreatment of Workers Must End

By Shawkin Kabir, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor January 9, 2020

Starting from the first development of modern technology, there have constantly been new products created to make the essential aspects of our lives easier. Gift buying or purchasing a treat for yourself...

Cheating runs rampant in schools across the world. Part of the recent rise in cheating has been attributed to increased accessibility from technology, as well as the continued score-focused environment of schools.

Cheating Is An Epidemic In Schools Across The US

By Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief December 18, 2019

Cheating has always been an epidemic in schools across the United States. Unfortunately, because it is hidden beneath the wraps and people refuse to acknowledge it, the stigma around cheating has never...

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was the first among the candidates to announce his plan to implement UBI. The policy, named the Freedom Dividend, would provide every U.S. adult citizen with $1000 a month.

Instead of Saving the Poor, Universal Basic Income May Only Cause More Suffering

By Jake Schlanger, Community & World News Editor December 15, 2019

The conception of the idea of universal basic income (UBI), an entitlement program that would give all adults $1000 each month, in the U.S. mirrors that of universal healthcare. A mid-tier presidential...

Protestors rally against the death penalty on Feb. 8, 2013. Due to rising advocacy against capital punishment, more than 20 states in the U.S. have abolished the death penalty.

The US Must Abolish the Death Penalty

By Shawkin Kabir, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor December 11, 2019

Everyone has a right to their life. That should be a given. But in our country, there is a policy that brings an exception. Why have we decided it is acceptable to take someone’s life? Rodney Reed,...

Native Americans and Pilgrims share a feast at a depiction of the first Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was held in October 1621.

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Let the Holiday Disguise the Truth

By Nima Ashtari, Community & World News Editor November 22, 2019

In the coming week, students in elementary schools across the country will begin to learn the traditions and causes of America’s second most celebrated holiday, Thanksgiving. As an American with roots...

A homeless man sits outside the Chuggin' Monkey bar in downtown Austin. The homeless population of Austin has been steadily rising over the last few years, keeping hundreds out of shelters and on the streets.

Austin Should Prioritize Helping the Homeless Over Restricting Them

By Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief November 10, 2019

Many of us have gone camping with our families. The tent, the flashlight, the sleeping bag, and the campfire are glued in our blissful memories. What most of us won’t ever remember is waking up the next...

The Fourth Democratic Debate for the 2020 presidential election was held in Ohio on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Fourth Democratic Debate Exposes the Petty Division Within the Democratic Party

By Keana Saberi, Arts & Entertainment Editor November 5, 2019

The Fourth Democratic Debate on Oct. 15 saw the Democratic candidates in a tense and compelling discussion against one another. The night centered around the ongoing impeachment investigations into President...

At the Impeachment March on July 2, 2017, a participant holds up signs protesting the Trump administration's relationship with Russia.

Trump’s Phone Call With Ukraine Proves Why He Should Be Impeached

By Ayesha Middya, Reporter November 3, 2019

The possibility of U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment has reappeared in the latest news. On Sept. 25, a transcript of a call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was released,...

On Sept. 20, 2015, around 100 people gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota to protest police brutality by the Metro Transit Police against 17-year-old Marcus Abrams.

The Trial of Amber Guyger Calls to Attention Our Flawed Justice System

By Shawkin Kabir, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor October 27, 2019

All he had done in that moment was eat some ice cream while watching a bit of television. That has never been a crime. Yet he was still shot. This was the scene that led to the trial of Amber Guyger...

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