RRISD Should Implement Gardens in All Schools


Devika Patel, Heritage Portraits & Ads Editor

Spicewood Elementary students plant flowers for their atrium garden.

Some Round Rock ISD schools are currently beginning to create healthy school gardens.

Creating these gardens is beneficial to both schools and the students, so all RRISD schools should consider creating one at their own campus.

By planting these healthy gardens at school, students will be able to engage in a hands-on learning experience. Through this experience, students will be able to learn about these healthy foods, and maybe this will encourage them to eat healthy on a regular basis. Students who participate in planting these gardens will gain nutrition education through their activity around food and health.

Also, students can learn responsibility and patience while creating their school gardens. By participating, students are gaining new experience in volunteer services which may help them in the future. They learn to care for plants in the garden year round.

Schools such as Canyon Vista Middle School have already created RRISD’s second largest school garden. They hold monster carrot competitions and samplings, creating a fun learning environment for the school. Along with a fun environment, planting healthy gardens at schools allow them to offer nutritious food in the cafeteria.

Although starting a garden may take some time, money and effort, it will be beneficial to the student body along with the school itself in the long run. For funding, schools can also apply for grants and reach out for support making it easier to start school gardens.

Planting nutritious school gardens at all Round Rock ISD Schools would be beneficial to the students and the schools. This experience would help shape character of students and even create a fun after school activity for the student body to participate in.