The Heim Times: A New Solution

Simone Heim, News Editor

It had been the best day of my week so far, archery, choreography, the things I love. Then I remembered I had school tomorrow, and the panic set in. I began to hyperventilate, my hands shaking and becoming clammy. Anxiety is a condition I have to deal with, and not happily. My mother found me and became concerned, holding me until I had calmed down. This was it, we made a promise that after the next panic attack we would have to make a change, find a new solution.

The new solution? Homeschooling. I wasn’t happy, to say the least. Leaving my friends behind, leaving student press, theatre; How was I supposed to survive? Taking classes from Texas Tech, working on my own, I was not looking forward to the coming week.

Next was coming clean to my friends that this was my last week. They responded in interesting ways, some angrily, some supportive. All I knew was one thing: I would miss them with all my heart. Westwood has become my home over the past year and a half, albeit a violent, confusing, and strange home.

To the people and students of Westwood, I have a message for you. Keep trying, I believe in you. If you don’t have friends like I didn’t freshman year, you will find them. Worried about your classes? You can do it, have faith in yourself and you will be fine. I will miss all of you so, so much. Thank you for making my time here more golden than the thrones on Mount Olympus. Goodbye, Westwood.